Teamboard T492 Interactive Whiteboard

Teamboard T492 Interactive Whiteboard

Teamboard TM81 Interactive Whiteboard

Teamboard TM81 Interactive Whiteboard

Teamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard

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99'' 4- Touch (Finger & Pen) Optical Interactive Whiteboard- 16:9 Aspect Ratio
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  • The 99” TeamBoard T499 Interactive Whiteboard supports up to 4 finger and pen touches
  • The T499 is successfully a top class interactive whiteboard with a wide range of features and activities that fulfill every requirement for sharing and disseminating data
  • Multi-touch, Multi-user and MultiForce compliant with an intuitive touch that has unsurpassed input recognition
  • Giving new heights to collaboration and connectivity, the T499 enables participants to visually share ideas in all professional settings like the education sector, the business sector as well as the government sector
  • Along with the capacity of being a conventional dry-erase whiteboard, the T499 can be used as a fully functional interactive whiteboard
  • When used with a projector, the T499 works as an intuitive projection screen that is large in size and prevents glare and gloss
  • The T499 also has the capability of being used as an electronic capture whiteboard that simply captures and saves notes in various formats for future purposes
  • Plug-and-play in Windows 7 or Windows 8 with full functionality
  • A user friendly solution that is simple to install, deploy, maintain and operate
  • TeamBoard ION Interaction Software


When combined with a PC and a projector the Teamboard T499 has the capability of being a fully interactive whiteboard.With the included Egan TeamBoard wall bracket, the sleek design of the T499 can be mounted on any wall with ease and convenience. With the functionality of 5 boards in 1, the T499 is a complete solution to all requirements for an interactive session. Being a blend of diversity, convenience and innovation, T499 is the premium choice for all professional fields for prosperously engaging with all participants and being exceptionally productive.

An unparalleled interaction software, the TeamBoard ION Interaction Software allows the user to harness aggregation, creation, interaction, presentation and offers one touch intuitive tools with the world’s most advanced interactive board. The Teamboard ION Interaction Software allows the T499 to be collaboration ready, permits users to capture and share screenshots with a single touch. Along with this it also has the ability to support drawing, annotating and engaging.

Massive Screen

The Teamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard features a large working area where users can easily show their work / presentations. With its innovative design, the users can easily mount the Interactive Whiteboard anywhere and start experiencing the stunning HD features on a large screen

Convenient Collaboration

The Teamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard is equipped with several state of the art features that ensure easier collaboration for the users. The touchscreen can recognize up to 4 simultaneous finger / pen touches and allows users to visually share ideas in all professional settings.

User – Friendly

The Interactive Whiteboard is extremely easy to use and does not require any complicated processes to be installed. In addition to that, the T499 is also equipped with several software that make it easier for users to share, edit, and present their work.

Basic Attributes
Product NameTeamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard
Number of Touch Inputs4
Aspect Ratio16:9
Surface MaterialMagnetic
Diagonal Size (Inches)99
Input MethodFinger, Solid Object, Stylus
Touch Sensing TechnologyOptical
Surface TypeDry Erase, Projection
Operating SystemWindows 7,8, XP, Vista, Mac, Linux
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)50 x 86.5 x 1.25
Warranty2 years
Power Requirement12V DC
Included SoftwareTeamBoard ION Software
Touch InterfaceUSB
Included AccessoriesBoard Mounted Marker Tray, Aluminum Wall Mount Bracket, 12V AC Power Supply, USB Cable, Cable Management Clips, Dry Erase Markers (ACMI certified non-toxic), EganCloth
Country of OriginCanada
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Aspect Ratio


16 : 9

Outer Dimensions (OD)


983/4" (2.50 m)



861/2" (2.20 m)



50" (1.27 m)



11/4" (0.03 m)

Projected Image Area (PIA)


943/4" (2.40 m)



821/2" (2.10 m)



461/4" (1.18 m)






TeamBoard ION Interaction Software for Windows. Other software bundles available.

No load on host PC






Board Construction


Flat and true steel-backed honeycomb core



Anodized Aluminum



Cast metal corner, 1/2" radius, with cover

Surface Material


EVS: professional grade dry-erase rating. Projection compatible, permanent marker safe, glare resistant, high surface rigidity, magnet compatible. Up to 160° viewing angle.

Temperature Range


Operating : 32°F - 95°F / 0°C - 35°C
Storage: -40°F - 120°F / -40°C - 50°C
Change tolerance: slope less than 55°F/hr (25°C/hr)

Humidity Tolerance


Operating : 0%-80% non condensing
Storage : 0%-95% non condensing

Accessory Rail


Yes. Integrated.

Low Profile Design





TeamBoard Fixed Wall Mount

Output Connection


USB 2.0 optimized. USB 1.0 compatible

Power Requirements


12 V, 2.0A

Power Consumption


~ 20 Watts

Power Conservation Mode





CE, FCC, UL, ISO9001:2008



RoHS compliant, ISO14001:2004



See TeamBoard Standard Warranty




Detection Method


Solid State Optic Sensor

Touch Recognition


Direct finger touch, gloved touch, paintbrush, stylus, and more

Activation Touch Pressure


0 psi (0 N/cm2) required.

Latency and Tracking Speed


~ 6 ms (exceeds Windows 8 requirements)

Fast double-click response



Reduced Occlusion Problems



Palm Rejection



Plug & Play


Full functionality with Windows 7 or later. Basic functionality with Mac OS. Full functionality with Mac OS with free driver.

Sunlight and Ambient Light Resistant



Operating System


Windows 7/8, Mac



Required. Utilizes Windows native calibration tool or Mac OS driver.

Multi-User Function


Yes, Up to 4 users

Multi-Touch Function


Yes, Up to 4 simultaneous touches

MultiForce Function





4096 x 4096 (16MP)

Pixel Size


~ 0.4 mm (varies by model)

Frame Rate


~ 80 f/s


  • Brochure
  • Datasheet
  • User Manual

  • Demo Video

    Teamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard T499
    • Board Mounted Marker Tray
    • Aluminum Wall Mount Bracket
    • 12V AC Power Supply
    • USB Cable
    • Cable Management Clips
    • Dry Erase Markers (ACMI certified non-toxic)
    • EganCloth

    Q. Does Teamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard support multiple users?

    A. Yes, it can support up to 4 users simultaneously.


    Q. Can the device be used as a dry-erase conventional whiteboard?

    A. Yes! T499 is convertible into both an interactive as well as a conventional whiteboard.


    Q. Is the set up procedure of Teamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard complicated?

    A. No, T499 comes with an easy plug-and-play feature which makes the entire installation process extremely straightforward.


    Q. Does it allow users to annotate, create content?

    A. Yes, with the help of TeamBoard ION interaction software the user can create, interact, draw, annotate present as well as capture and share screenshots with just a single touch.


    Q. Is Teamboard T499 Interactive Whiteboard compatible with Mac?

    A. The interactive whiteboard is compatible with Windows 7,8 Xp, Vista, Linux and finally, with Mac as well.

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