SMART kapp serves as one of the leading producers of interactive whiteboard products. This company is known for its highly facilitation and feature-packed whiteboards that enable effective long-range interactive communication. SMART kapp whiteboards are equally user-friendly as well, lending even more usability to them and making it convenient for busy presenters, teachers, and brainstormers to work with them

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What IS an interactive Smartboard, really?

We all know what whiteboards are, and we know what they are used for. On the contrary, an interactive whiteboard/smartboard, is exactly what the name implies. It’s INTERACTIVE. That means, it lets the user interact with it in ways beyond using a board marker to write on it. Users can do uncountable things with a smartboard, from writing, to downloading, to writing ON downloaded material.

Smartboards, where did they come from?

Smartboards first sprung from Calgary, Alberta when Smart Company, founded in 1987, decided to research the idea of interactive whiteboards. In 1991, Smart Technologies introduced the first ever interactive whiteboard, and hence begun the fascinating revolution in the world of technology.

Smartboard, Interactive Whiteboard, or Electronic smartboard?

Before delving into specifics, it is important to clear the confusion between terminologies, if there might be any. So the company, SMART Technologies, invented a new product. This was a whiteboard, except it had interactive features. Hence, it was an ‘interactive whiteboard’. The company gave a special name to this new invention. They called it the Smartboard. Henceforth, many different companies used the same technology to create their own ‘interactive whiteboard’s. BUT, since SMART Technologies were the very first to do so, they seem to have coined the word ‘smartboard’ as synonymous to the term interactive whiteboard. Now, no matter what company an interactive whiteboard belongs to, it may also be called a smartboard.

SMARTboard categories:

SMARTboard Copyboards

Available with choices between black & white and colored, and 42” and 82”, the copyboard is a dry-erase board that is simply plugged in and ready to go.

Multiple users may connect to the Smartboard copyboard workspace by a simple tap on the board.

Perfect for conference rooms, the copyboard allows the sharing of ideas on a collaborated space, and saved for later viewing.
Members that are not physically present may connect through their own devices and witness the discussion live. All they have to do is click a link sent by the host member, and start participating in the meeting as if they were sitting right at the table.
Compatible with iOS and Android, the SMART copyboard allows users to connect by a simple tap on the board, as long as they have the SMART Kapp app on their devices.
At the end of brainstorming sessions, all content may be saved by taking screen shots with a mere push of a button. These screen shots can be transferred to missing members to catch up, and captured on USB for future reference as well.

SMARTboard Interactive Touchscreen

These smartboards include what SMART is calling the “smartboard reinvented”. The interactive touchscreens include latest educational software that mobilizes learning in the most unique way known to technology till date.

SMART Learning Suite is a software that includes various applications to facilitate lesson planning to create effective learning experiences in the classroom.

SMART Notebook, previously included in smartboards independently, is now a part of SMART Learning Suite. With options of SMART Lab, SMART Amp, and SMART Response 2, this advanced software allows teachers to:

  • Create game-based lessons, making the classroom an interactive learning environment, with students engaged in activities that enhance their grasp on the subject.
  • Design collaborative work spaces for students to carry out research, share content, and discuss ideas, all the while monitoring the input of each student separately.
  • Assess student understanding by creating assessments of their choice. Students can attempt these assessments on their own devices at their own time. The teacher can then instantly view student feedback on his/her device, both individual as well as collective, in the form of pie-charts and word clouds.
  • Choose from a wide variety of lesson plan resources

In addition to educational software, SMARTboard interactive touchscreens include the following features:

  • Proximity detection, enabling the screen to start working as soon as it is faced with the user.
  • Multi-way sharing, allowing users to write on the screen simultaneously, using different colors so that ideas are easily differentiated between users.
  • Wireless connectivity enabled with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Apple iOS and Android compatibility
  • Silktouch technology that guarantees a smooth, error-free touch experience
  • SMART Ink technology, making handwriting look better than it is

SMARTboards Interactive Whiteboard

The SMART Interactive Whiteboard is everything a whiteboard is supposed to be, PLUS state-of-the-art touchscreen technology. When connected to a computer, this whiteboard enables the user to operate the computer screen whilst physically touching the display on the whiteboard.

Most SMART Interactive Whiteboards include the SMART Learning Suite described in detail under the previous category.

Allowing up to four people to write at the same time, the whiteboard enables spontaneous sharing of ideas, leading to more effective brainstorming sessions.

Annotation tools enable users to write over, label, or edit all kinds of content. Files can be opened, shared, and edited just like on a regular computer. Any material can be picked up from the internet browser and placed on the screen to discuss, or annotate over.

SMARTboards Document Cameras

The Smartboard SDC-450 Document Camera captures objects and turns them into digital content. This feature can be used in the classroom for visual interpretation of concepts that are otherwise abstract.

Easily controlled from the Smart Notebook software described above, the SDC-450 is convenient in terms of integration across other Smart products. This makes it a convenient product to be used in combination with Interactive Whiteboards as well as Touchscreens, where images captured can be displayed immediately, or saved for later.

For a more authentic experience, this camera includes a Mixed Reality Cube, which only has to be placed in front of the lens, in order to view a 3D image.