SmartBoard SDC-450 Document Camera

5 Megapixel HD 1080p Document Camera- 8X Optical, 10X Digital and 15.75" × 11.75" Shooting Area
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Shipping Cost: $45
  • Comes with a 5MP camera that can take stunning shots of documents  
  • Details are ensured to be present through a total magnification zoom of 80x; 8x optical and 10x digital zoom.
  • Playback is guaranteed to be smooth as the device has a frame rate of 30fps
  • Its max shooting area is 15 ¾” x 11 ¾”
  • Has a VGA output for more connectivity options
  • Can easily record Videos of high quality
  • Has been given a Level V energy star efficiency rating.
  • Can be used seamlessly with other SMART products with one touch
  • Shows a 360-degree view of any object with a flexible gooseneck
  • An intuitive control panel is integrated into the device that can control all functions

SmartBoard SDC-450 document camera has made itself an ideal choice through its numerous features. Firstly, the device has a 5 MP camera that can take astonishing clear pictures of objects.  This is further supported by an 8x and 10 x optical and digital zoom respectively which ensures that details of the object are not lost. Playback is guaranteed to be smooth and seamless as SmartBoard SDC-450 has a frame rate of 30fps. It also has a wide shooting area of 15 ¾” x 11 ¾” and a VAG output for more connectivity options. SmartBoard SDC-450 can easily record/save videos and can even be used as a web cam.

SmartBoard SDC-450 Document camera has been allotted a level V by Energy Star for energy efficiency. Furthermore, it can be seamlessly be integrated and used with other Smart products such as SmartNotebook with just one touch. Having a flexible gooseneck, SmartBoard SDC-450 can take pictures of objects from different angles. Moreover, it comes with an innovative and intuitive control panel integrated its design that gives the user complete control over all functions such as; magnification, Brightness and focus settings.

Effortless picture taking with your SmartBoard document camera

With the SmartBoard SDC-450 Document camera, you can effortlessly take pictures and snapshots of documents and objects in high quality.The 5 megapixel resolution of the camera ensures that your pictures and clear and sharp instead of being blurry or hazy. The high resolution serves as a medium to takes clear pictures of objects without compromising on any details and features. Moreover, a built in illumination LED lamp ensures that you can take perfect quality shots even when external light sources are dim or unsuitable. To ensure that you get your desired resolution in the final picture, a focus lens has also been provided which can be adjusted automatically as well as manually.

Several connectivity options with SDC-450

The SCD-450 not only captures high resolution images for the user, it offers different connectivity options for connecting with personal computers, laptops and USB input devices. Furthermore, videos recorded in high resolution and playback can also been transferred back and forth in your devices through different connectivity options.

Sufficient memory in your SmartBoard Camera

The documnet camera is provided with sufficient internal and external memory so that you can take a number of photos and record videos without the need to worry about storage issues. An internal memory of 240 images and an SD card slot of 1-32 GB covers the storage issues.

Basic Attributes
Product NameSmartBoard SDC-450 Document Camera
Operating SystemWindows® XP (32-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6 and later– Intel® only (PowerPC® not supported)
AV RecordingYes
Camera Arm and NeckFlexible Arm and Neck
Resolution1920 x 1080
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)8'' × 21.75'' × 15''
Warranty5 years
Power RequirementAC 100-240V, 12V DC
Included SoftwareSMART Notebook Software
Inputs / OutputsAnalog composite format PAL/NTSC selectable 2-position switch; using RCA connector with supplied RS-232 / composite video cable, Analog RGB output 0.7V 75O unbalanced XGA: 1024 × 768 60 Hz, SXGA: 1280 × 1024 60 Hz, HDTV 720p: 1280 × 720 60 Hz, HDTV 1080p: 1920 × 1080 60 Hz, DVI-I Provides both analog and digital output formats HD 1080p 60 Hz; HD 720p 60 Hz; XGA 60 Hz, SXGA 60 Hz, VGA input: D-sub 15 pin pass through, USB mini-B (connect to computer), SD memory card slot, Audio In (microphone):3.5 mm jack, Audio Out:3.5 mm jack
Shooting Area15.75'' x 11.75''
Mega Pixels (MP)5
Zoom8X Optical, 10X Digital, 80X Total Magnification
Frame Rate (fps)30
FocusAutomatic, Manual
Included AccessoriesMixed Reality Cube, Anti-glare Sheet, Microscope Adapter
Aspect Ratio16:9
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Built-in LED illumination lamp


Lens with manual and automatic focus, f 6.26 (~30.75 mm); f 3.2 (wide angle) to f 6.8 (telephoto)


8 × optical, 10 × digital, 80 × total magnification


5 MP sensor and resolution

Frame rate

Max. 30 fps

Brightness control

Automatic and manual brightness control

Shooting area

Max. 15 3/4" × 11 3/4" (40 cm × 30 cm)

Video format

Analog composite format PAL/NTSC selectable 2-position switch, using RCA connector with supplied RS-232 / composite video cable

VGA output

Analog RGB output 0.7 V at 75 Ω unbalanced
XGA: 1024 × 768 60 Hz
SXGA: 1280 × 1024 60 Hz
HDTV 720p: 1280 × 720 60 Hz
HDTV 1080p: 1920 × 1080 60 Hz


Provides both analog and digital output formats
HD 1080p 60 Hz, HD 720p 60 Hz, XGA 60 Hz, SXGA 60 Hz

VGA input

D-sub 15 pin pass-through (see note below)

USB connection

USB mini-B (connect to computer)

SD memory card slot

1 GB to 32 GB

Mass storage mode

Change from camera to mass storage mode using on-screen display (OSD) to access the SD card and internal memory via USB.

Internal memory

Internal memory for storage of up to 240 images

Video recording

Onto USB drive / SD / SDHC

Audio In (microphone)

3.5 mm jack

Audio Out

3.5 mm jack


Built-in microphone for voiceover during video recording

Power consumption

Max. 21.6 W

Energy efficiency

Level V Energy Star energy efficiency rating

Power source

100–240 V, 50/60 Hz

DC power supply

12 V, 2 A
5.5 mm, no center pin DC power socket
Includes plug adapters for power supply for North America, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Australia


5' (1.5 m) power cable
5' 9" (1.8 m) USB-A to USB mini-B
5' 9" (1.8 m) VGA cable, HD15, M-M
Composite video adapter cable (RS-232 / composite video)

Size Folded

10" W × 2 3/4" H × 12" D
(25.4 cm × 7 cm × 30.5 cm)

Size Set up

8" W × 21 3/4" H × 15" D
(20.3 cm × 55 cm × 38 cm)


5.4 lb (2.45 kg)

Shipping size

19" W × 5 3/4" H × 12 5/8" D
(48.2 cm × 14.5 cm × 32 cm)

Shipping weight

10 lb (4.5 kg)


Five-year limited equipment warranty. See warranty document for details.

SmartBoard SDC-450 Document Camera Resources

  • SmartBoard SDC-450 Data Sheet
  • SmartBoard SDC-450 Brochure
  • SmartBoard SDC-450 Manual
  • SmartBoard SDC-450 Document Camera Display Demo Video

    SmartBoard SDC-450 Document Camera

    The new SD C 450 document camera from smart technologies gives you all the features that you know and love and would expect from Smart including notebook integration meaning that with the click of one finger I can bring real-world objects right into the center of my notebook page. In addition we have smarts materiality which is a unique way of interacting digital content, meaning I can drag and drop 3d objects and in a unique and original way interact with digital content. We also have 5 megapixel camera, a choice of either auto focus or manual focus and the ability to record in full HD.
    Read More ...
    • Mixed reality cube
    • Anti-glare sheet
    • Microscope adapter

    Q. Does the camera have a memory card slot?

    A. Yes, SmartBoard SDC-450 document camera supports a memory card up to 32 GB.


    Q. Can I zoom in pictures with the camera?

    A. Yes, you can zoom in pictures with 8 × optical, 10 × digital, and 80 × total magnification.


    Q. Does the camera come with any warranty?

    A. Yes, SmartBoard SDC-450 document camera comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


    Q. Does SmartBoard SDC-450 document have a remote control?

    A. No, instead it features an innovative control panel which provides users complete control over brightness, focus and zoom.


    Q. Which devices are compatible with the SmartBoard SDC-450 document camera?

    A. All devices which support a VGA output are compatible with the camera.

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