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  • SmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard SmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard
  • SmartBoard SBX885 Whiteboard SmartBoard SBX885 Whiteboard
  • SmartBoard SBX885 SmartBoard SBX885
  • SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard

SmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard

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Quick Overview

87" 2- Touch (Finger & Pen) Optical Interactive Whiteboard- 16:10

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  • 87” interactive whiteboard that is the best platform for brainstorming ideas and collaboration with clients 
  • Multi-user capacity allows up to 4 people to interact simultaneously
  • High capacity Ultra-Short Throw projector improves user experience
  • 3D ready projection unit enhances the scope of operations that can be performed using this product
  • Range of input and output options enable a comprehensive network of interactive devices to be formed

SmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard is one of the most popular products in the collaborative communication markets, owing to its functionality and state of the art technology. It is designed to equip users with all the necessary collaborative tools they need to excel.

SmartBoard SBX885 is a massive 87” panel that is illuminated by the SMART UX80 Ultra-Short Throw Projector. Both these features complement each other perfectly to give users a desirable experience. The multi-touch interface allows multi user interactivity, with up to 4 users working on the whiteboard at the same time. This remarkable quality means that collaboration is possible even when there is a bigger team.

Smartboard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard comes with a wide range of whiteboarding features. Apart from the extensive annotation tools panel, it has the same functionality as any normal computer system. Content and file sharing is possible, all while participants are annotating over it. Useful media may be imported directly from the internet using a browser. Moreover, a meeting can also be held to outsource advice on the brainstorming session.

SmartBoard SBX885 Whiteboard certainly is a product that tops its class of the market. Its features and qualities make it an ideal option for the professional class among customers.

Enhanced collaboration with SmartBoard SBX885

Working in collaboration becomes easily and practical with SmartBoard SBX885 as four people can interact simultaneously and work together with their pens or touch because of its multi touch provision. More user friendly features include multi user pen trays and provisions through which users can select the on screen keyboard and change ink colors.

Seamless switching between multiple options with the SmartBoard

SmartBoard SBX885 offers a unique and intuitive set of technologies and allow the user’s experience to be as natural as possible. One of the great utilities is the object awareness feature through which the user can seamlessly switch between writing from the pen, erasing from the hand and moving different objects around from your fingers. This feature enables the user to have a natural experience while writing or drawing and facilities better and fast expression of ideas. This feature is always handy in customer client interactions and presentations in a typical office workplace.

Access to knowledge through the SmartBoard

With the help of its SMART Notebook software, teachers can have access to a plethora of ready to use educational resources which are present on the SMART Exchange website. After having access to useful info, teachers can organize, plan, prepare and manage different lectures which are to be delivered to the students. Thus, the platform has a whole forms a perfect package to assist both students and teachers in their respective requirments.

Additional Information

NameSmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard
Diagonal Size (Inches)87
Number of Touch Inputs2
Input MethodFinger, Pen
Touch Sensing TechnologyDigital Vision Touch (DViT), Optical
Touch InterfaceUSB
Surface TypeLow-Glare
Surface MaterialPorcelain Steel
Aspect Ratio16:10
Operating SystemNo
Power Requirement5V DC 2.0
Included SoftwareSMART Notebook software
Included AccessoriesSMART Notebook Software
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)78.5" x 51.3" x 6.5''
Weight (lbs.)60.0000
Warranty5 years
Country of OriginNo

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  1. SmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard review by Product Expert on 1/18/2018

    SmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard is one of the most popular and incredible product of todays market aiming for a more collaborative and productive environment, it is designed in such a flawless way that it has all the essential tools which fulfill our needs.
    SmartBoard SBX885 87” panel interactive whiteboard is lighten up with SMART UX80 Ultra-Short Throw Projector and has high capacity that enhance the quality and it is one of the best feature one can wish for, interactive whiteboard is perfect to create ideas, at the same time it interacts with 4 people who can share their ideas and can work together with their pen or touch as it has remarkable quality of multi touch. 3D ready projection unit further improve the scope of operations that can be carry out by using this amazing product.
    Smartboard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard has a wide range of marvelous whiteboarding features, its outclass features and qualities make it one of the best product for the professional users.

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    SmartBoard SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard

    In my classroom the use of technology and my comfort level stems from, well I have children myself. Seeing them grow up in a society where technology is there. Realizing, this is where my kids are and this is the tool that they have and I need to jump on board with them and help lead the way. Society has her space here right so after she shares you're gonna give her feedback. We're a K to 12 independent school using the Smart Learning Suite. It's pretty amazing. Every teacher uses it in different ways. Please build the bridge. We love using the Smart Learning Suite because it has all four components of the software and the tools that my teachers use with notebook response to lab and Smart app.
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    • SmartBoard Notebook Software
    • Pens x 2

    Q. What is the purpose of the SMART Notebook feature?

    A. Through the SMART Notebook feature, teachers can have access to an online library of thousands of resourceful materials to assist them in teaching.


    Q. What does the object awareness feature do?

    A. The object awareness feature allows the users to switch functions with ease. From writing with the pen and erasing with the palm to moving around objects.


    Q. How many people can work together simultaneously?

    A. Up to 4 people can work simultaneously on the board.

    Q. Is there a warranty with the SBX885?

    A. Smartboard SBX885 interactive whiteboard comes with a 5 year warranty.

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