SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard

SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard

SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard

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77" 2- Touch (Finger & Pen) Optical Interactive Whiteboard- 4:3
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Shipping Cost: $150
  • 77” interactive whiteboard 
  • Dual touch capability
  • DViT touch sensing technology
  • Intuitive gestures supported by the interactive system
  • SMART Ink for smooth use of digital ink
  • SMART Notebook software support included

SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard is undoubtedly a world class interactive educational product that plays a major role in revolutionizing education as is seen today. This highly functional and easy to use package is transforming teaching and letting instructors bring the true potential out from their students.

SmartBoard SBX880 is a large 77” interactive whiteboard panel that incorporates DViT touch sensing technology. This advanced system boasts 4 point multi-touch capability, making it convenient to use by two people simultaneously. The touch unit is designed to sense the most basic gestures accurately, making the use of this whiteboard very natural. 

The SBX880 integrates SMART Ink function and comes installed with the SMART Notebook software support. SMART Ink is an amazing feature that is developed to make writing with a digital pen comfortable and intuitive. Using this function, users can write notes and add annotations on the whiteboard in neat handwriting and precise strokes. SMART Notebook is an exemplary software built to assist teachers in their jobs. Its handful of useful tools can be used to plan, prepare, deliver, and share lectures with students. This is complemented by the whiteboard itself which allows students to take part in the learning experience and come up on the whiteboard to interact with their teacher directly.

SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard is surely a top of the class product and is best-suited for educational institutes aiming to modernize their teaching methods.

Interactivity at your disposal with SmartBoard SBX880

SmartBoard SBX880 is an interactive platform which is poised to completely transform education in classrooms. It offers a platform in which teachers and students can add and remove information on the board with the help of the touch function. This ease of input prompts more interest from the teachers and students and brings a healthy class environment into being. Not only is the system interactive, it allows users to perform collaborative and simultaneous work. Its DViT touch sensing technology offers a 4 point multi touch capability, which makes it convenient for two users to operate it simultaneously.

SmartBoard SBX880 comes with intuitive technologies

SmartBoard SBX880 brings with it a package of novel and intuitive technologies which makes it user friendly and ideal for a classroom environment. Its SMARTInk function enables the user to write with the pen with neat handwriting having precise strokes. Users can also write notes and annotations using this feature. Technologies which are beneficial to the teachers are also provided in the package which allow the teachers to plan and prepare lectures to be delivered.

A healthy classroom environment to with SmartBoard

With its unique set of innovative and interactive technologies, SmartBoard guarantees a classroom environment which encourages students to increase participation and fully apply themselves which boosts their productivity and prompts them to produce increasingly improving results. Thus, this SmartBoard technology is the best platform to integrate in all modern day classrooms.

Basic Attributes
Product NameSmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard
Number of Touch Inputs2
Aspect Ratio4:3
Surface MaterialMagnetic
Diagonal Size (Inches)77
Ship cost150.0000
Input MethodFinger, Pen
Touch Sensing TechnologyDigital Vision Touch (DViT), Optical
Surface TypeLow-Glare
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)66.3 x 51.3 x 6.5
Warranty5 years
Power Requirement5V DC 2.0
Included SoftwareSMART Notebook software
Touch InterfaceUSB
Included AccessoriesSMART Notebook Software, Pens
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SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software including SMART Product Drivers

Touch and gestures

Perform mouse functions with your finger, and write and erase digital ink with a pen tray pen or the eraser. The Object Awareness feature enables you to pick up a pen, and then write, select or erase without replacing the pen. This interactive whiteboard also features gesture capability, providing a natural and flexible way to interact with content.

Multitouch capabilities

Users can interact with the interactive whiteboard using the included pens or other objects, or by using their fingers to write and perform gestures.
Support for four simultaneous touches enables up to four users to interact with the interactive whiteboard.


Smoothes out the appearance of the digital ink, improving the legibility of your handwriting. The ink becomes an object you can move and manipulate.

Lockable pen option

Hold down a pen color button on the pen tray until its light flashes to lock the interactive whiteboard in pen mode. In this mode you can use any device as a pen. Early education students and students with special needs can use an object like a tennis ball to write more easily on the surface.

Pen tray

l Optical sensors in the pen tray detect when you lift a pen or eraser from the tray. Color buttons on the pen tray enable you to select pen color.
l Removable end caps for optional accessories

Pen and eraser

Two ergonomic pens with a comfort grip and a rectangular eraser

Screen surface

The hard-coated steel surface is durable, optimized for projection, compatible with dry-erase markers and easily cleaned.

Digitizing technology

Four-camera DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology

Frame finish

Light gray (approximates PANTONE Cool Gray 6C)

Touch resolution

Approximately 4000 × 4000.

Power connection

6' (1.8 m) power cable

Power requirements

Power consumption is less than 7 W (100V to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 5V DC 2.0A)

Computer connection

Includes a 5 m (16') USB 2.0 cable to connect to the room computer. Your SMART Board M680 interactive whiteboard supports one computer connection on a primary display only.


-40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 50°C)


41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) with up to 80% humidity, non-condensing


Two-year limited equipment warranty


47 lb. (21.5 kg)

Shipping dimensions

40 1/8" W × 7" H ×3 7/8" D (102 cm × 17.7 cm × 9.8 cm)

Shipping weight

12 lb. (5.5 kg)

SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard Resources

  • SmartBoard SBX880 Data Sheet
  • SmartBoard SBX880 Brochure
  • SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard Demo Video

    SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard

    In my classroom the use of technology and my comfort level stems from, well I have children myself. Seeing them grow up in a society where technology is there. Realizing, this is where my kids are and this is the tool that they have and I need to jump on board with them and help lead the way. Society has her space here right so after she shares you're gonna give her feedback. We're a K to 12 independent school using the Smart Learning Suite. It's pretty amazing. Every teacher uses it in different ways. Please build the bridge. We love using the Smart Learning Suite because it has all four components of the software and the tools that my teachers use with notebook response to lab and Smart app.
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    • SmartBoard Notebook Software
    • Pens x 2

    Q. How many users can work with SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard at a time?

    A. With the help of the DViT technology, two users can work with SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard at a time.


    Q. What does the SMART notebook software do?

    A. SMART notebook helps teachers to plan, organize and prepare lectures which are to be delivered to the students.


    Q. Does SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard come with any warranty?

    A. SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard comes with a warranty of 5 years.


    Q. Is SmartBoard SBX880 Interactive Whiteboard easily maneuverable?

    A. Definitely, the system only weighs 52 lbs. and can be moved around the workplace easily.


    Q. Is the digital pen erasable?

    A. Yes, you can easily erase writing or drawing made with the digital pen.

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