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  • SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard
  • SmartBoard SBM685 Whiteboard SmartBoard SBM685 Whiteboard
  • SmartBoard SBM685 SmartBoard SBM685
  • SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard

SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard

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Quick Overview

87" 2- Touch (Finger & Pen) DViT Interactive Whiteboard- 16:10

Shipping Price: $195

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  • 87” interactive whiteboard 
  • Dual touch capability
  • DViT touch sensing technology
  • Intuitive gestures supported by the interactive system
  • SMART Ink for smooth use of digital ink
  • SMART Notebook software support included

SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard is a leading product in the educational class of collaborative communication markets. This comprehensive package is the perfect educational tool for teachers and students to learn in an interactive way.

SmartBoard SBM685 is an 87” interactive whiteboard panel that employs DViT touch sensing technology. This state of the art technology sports a dual touch capability as well, giving users the experience they desire. The most distinguishing aspect of the touch technology is its ability to detect a wide range of gestures, making its use exceptionally intuitive.  

The SBM685 is equipped with SMART Ink function and SMART Notebook software support for further ease of use. SMART Ink is a remarkable function which is designed to give users the feel of writing with a normal pen when they are using a digital pen. The digital ink is seamless in following all pen movements that gives great handwriting, even on the whiteboard surface. SMART Notebook is an essential for teacher. It provides them with all the necessary tools to pre-plan their lectures, prepare them using carious educational resources, and deliver them in classrooms in an engaging way.

SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard is the ideal educational product for modern schools that focus on teaching a more extensive, personality building curriculum.

Interactive work becomes easy with SBM685

All modern day classrooms involve collaborative and interactive work which involves the joint participation of students and teachers. Not only this, interaction with the medium of instruction is also a critical aspect is successful learning. SmartBoard SBM685 comes with a variety of features which host novel and intuitive technologies that allow users to write, draw, annotate and edit figures, drawings, models, sketches and objects.

Collaborative work with SmartBoard SBM685

Smartboard comes with a unique set of technologies which encourage and facilitate collaborative work. Its dual touch feature, for example, allows teachers to teach their students in a unique way whereby the teacher and the students can write or draw simultaneously at the board. Digital ink pens make neat and legible writing easy while touch feature allows to move, select or swipe objects to desired positions.

SmartBoard SBM685 generates interest among users

As SmartBoard SBM685 is a classroom touchboard, it needs to always generate interest among its users and not allow them to get bored. Now students can enjoy a more beautiful, brilliantly detailed 4k and HD images without the downtime associated with replacing projector bulbs and without shadows glare or washed out images interfering with the lesson. These new smartboard solutions encourage both the process and product of learning, building skills, as well as knowledge. The high definition screen makes sure that eyes are always glued to the screen are able to appreciate each and every feature of the relevant objects.


Additional Information

NameSmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard
Diagonal Size (Inches)87
Number of Touch Inputs2
Input MethodFinger, Pen
Touch Sensing TechnologyDigital Vision Touch (DViT)
Touch InterfaceUSB
Surface TypeProjection
Surface MaterialPorcelain Steel
Aspect Ratio16:10
Operating SystemWindows® 7 or Mac Snow Leopard
Power Requirement5V DC 2.0A
Included SoftwareSMART Notebook™ Software, SMART lab Software, SMART Response 2, SMART amp Software
Included AccessoriesTwo Pens, 5m (16') USB 2.0 cable
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)82 × 53 × 4.5
Weight (lbs.)69.0000
Warranty2 years
Country of OriginNo

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  1. SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard review by Product Expert on 1/18/2018

    SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard has an enormous display of 87” It is optimally made to cater to the needs of a modern classroom and provide an unsurpassed learning experience. This product is one of the best tool for educational institutions which help teachers and students to learn in a different way and it is one of the leading product of digital communication market.

    This SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard has dual capability and comes supported with both pen and touch function. DViT technology gives you the freedom to do activities in both possible ways with touch sensing feature. This technology provides the best experience one can wish for, The SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard endow with the best features SMART Ink function and SMART Notebook software. SMART Ink is an incredible function which give users the smooth feeling while using the digital pen, it also makes the handwriting neat and easy to read. SMART Notebook is remarkable software support for teachers use, it helps them to prepare their lectures by the help of various educational resources, and to deliver them in an attractive way.

    I feel SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard is an ideal choice for the educational institutions to modernize their teaching standards.

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You can install SMART Product Drivers and SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software from the included DVD or from smarttech.com/downloads. Software upgrades are available from smarttech.com/software.

Computer requirements

A computer or laptop with a Windows operating system or Mac operating system software and SMART Notebook software installed. For a complete list of computer requirements, go to smarttech.com/downloads and browse to the latest SMART Notebook release notes applicable to your operating system.2

Touch and gestures

Enables you to write, to erase and to perform mouse functions by touching the interactive whiteboard with your finger or a pen. This interactive whiteboard also features gesture capability, providing a natural and flexible way to interact with content.

Multitouch capabilities

Support for two simultaneous touches enables up to two users to interact with the interactive whiteboard by using the included pens or other objects, or by using their fingers to write and to perform gestures.


Smooths out the appearance of the digital ink, improving the legibility of your handwriting. The ink becomes an object you can move and manipulate.

Pen tray

The pen tray connects to the interactive whiteboard. Use the color select buttons to change digital ink colors. The on-screen keyboard, the right-click and the orient features are also accessible with pen tray buttons.


Includes two pens

Screen surface

The hard-coated steel surface is durable, is optimized for projection and is compatible with dry-erase markers.

Digitizing technology

Four-camera DViT

Frame finish

White and light gray (approximates PANTONE® Cool Gray 4C)

Power requirements

1.8 m (6') power cable. Power consumption is less than 7 W (100V to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 5V DC 2.0A).

Computer connection

Includes a 5 m (16') USB 2.0 cable to connect to the room computer. Your SMART Board M680 interactive whiteboard supports one computer connection on a primary display only.


-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)


5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F) with up to 80% humidity, non-condensing


Two-year limited equipment warranty


23.1 kg (51 lb.)

Shipping dimensions

208.3 cm W × 134.6 cm H × 11.4 cm D (82" × 53" × 4 1/2")

Shipping weight

31.3 kg (69 lb.)

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    SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard

    More than 20 years ago smart technologies invented the Smartboard. An amazing tool that transformed the classroom, helping teachers connect and collaborate with students like never before. As we strive to help educators create learning environments where technology blends into the background, we're excited to offer the broadest range of interactive flat panels designed specifically for education. Our new 4000 and 6000 series are intuitive and easy to use, allowing students to learn naturally. Now you can enjoy a more beautiful, brilliantly detailed 4k and HD images without the downtime associated with replacing projector bulbs and without shadows glare or washed out images interfering with the lesson.
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    Smartboard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard

    In my classroom the use of technology and my comfort level stems from, well I have children myself. Seeing them grow up in a society where technology is there. Realizing, this is where my kids are and this is the tool that they have and I need to jump on board with them and help lead the way. Society has her space here right so after she shares you're gonna give her feedback. We're a K to 12 independent school using the Smart Learning Suite. It's pretty amazing. Every teacher uses it in different ways.
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    • SmartBoard Notebook Software
    • Pens x 2
    • 5m (16') USB 2.0 cable

    Q. Can two students write on SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard at once?

    A. Yes, its dual touch feature allows two users to write on the board simultaneously.

    Q. Can different colored pens be used at once on SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard?

    A. Yes, with its pen IQ, the system allows different colored pens to be used at once.

    Q. Which operating systems are supported by SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard?

    A. SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboard supports windows and Mac OS.

    Q. What does the SMART notebook software do in SmartBoard SBM685 Interactive Whiteboards?

    A. The SMART notebook software assists teachers is organizing and planning out lectures.

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