SmartBoard 6075 Interactive Touchscreen Display

SmartBoard 6075 Interactive Touchscreen Display

SmartBoard 4084 Interactive Touchscreen Display

SmartBoard 4084 Interactive Touchscreen Display

SmartBoard 4075 Interactive Touchscreen Display

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75" 10- Touch (Finger & Pen) UHD 4K LED Infrared Touchscreen Display
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  • 75” interactive touchscreen panel with 4K Ultra High Definition display. 
  • Provides the best overall experience with its various features.
  • Silktouch technology provides a smooth surface for effortless and error free display.
  • Gesture support available for convenient operation
  • Completely eliminates glare and provides the best view from any angle.
  • Collaborative work is extremely convenient due to its 10 simultaneous touch points.
  • SMART ink technology allows users to write freely using digital ink and ensures the legibility of the written material.
  • HDMI, VGA and USB connectors available
  • Mounting points available for Mini PCs.
  • SMART Learning Suite included with access to world’s best educational software.
  • Comes with a 2-year standard warranty.

SmartBoard 4075 Interactive Touchscreen display is made from state of the art technology in order to provide an unparalleled experience across the globe. Firstly, it has a huge Interactive Touchscreen panel of 75” which has a 4K Ultra high definition display that provides the user crisp, bright and sharp colored images. Through its various features, SmartBoard has the capabilities of providing the best experience possible. A gesture support is integrated within its system in order to provide the user with more convenient operation. Its display also completely eliminates glare and provides the best view from any angle. Furthermore, collaborative work is supported due to having 10 simultaneous touch points.

SmartBoard 4075 also has SMART ink technology which ensures the legibility of the written material. It also has HDMI, VGA and USB connectors available for additional connectivity options. It also possesses mounting points for Mini PCs to encourage more flexible and versatile use. Other features include a SMART learning Suite which gives access to world’s best educational system. SmartBoard 4075 Interactive Touchscreen Display comes with a 2-year long standard warranty.

Interactive display with SmartBoard 4075

SmartBoard 4075 has brought a combination of novel and intuitive technologies to the table, which bring a promise of revolutionizing the way classroom interactions take place. SmartBoard comes with a display which allows users to fully interact with and operate its various feauters. It allows teachers and students to draw and write onto the surface while the relevant info/slides are still on display. With the help of the touch feature students are able to scroll through various slides, play around with the objects and erase unwanted information just by rubbing their fists onto the screen. This allows the users to integrate the function of a traditional whiteboard and projector onto one single platform.

Work together with the interactive touchscreen

The system allows the users to use the screen as a traditional writing board with the help of board markers and also does not limit the users to work in isolation. Multiples students can write, draw and erase on the screen simultaneously because of its 10 simultaneous touchpads. This allows collaborative work sessions to become a possibility which saves time and encourages group work in the classroom.

Connect your touchscreen to various platforms

SmartBoard 4075 supports multiple platforms and allows connectivity through USB, WGA and HDMI so that the users can operate the system with their desired platform.

Basic Attributes
Product NameSmartBoard 4075 Interactive Touchscreen Display
Country of OriginUnited States
Resolution3840 x 2160
Built-in AndroidNo
Built-in CameraNo
Built-in PCNo
Touch Response Time (ms)6ms
Built-in Speaker (Watts)10W + 10W
Diagonal Size (Inches)75
Display TechnologyLED
Included SoftwareSMART Learning Software
Power RequirementAC 100-240V
Warranty2 year standard limited warranty
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)72 1/2 × 50 1/2 × 11
Operating SystemWindows, Mac
Surface TypeAnti-Glare, SilkTouch
Surface MaterialGlass
Touch Sensing TechnologyInfrared
Input MethodDry Erase Markers, Finger, Pen
Aspect Ratio16:9
Contrast Ratio5000:1
Inputs / OutputsHDMI 2.0 input x 1, USB 2.0 Type-B (touch), HDMI 2.0 x 3, D-sub 15 pin input x 1, RCA inputs x 5 (Y, Pb, Pr, L, R), RCA analog audio and composite video inputs (red, white and yellow), SPDIF optical output, USB 2.0 Type-A (media access), USB 2.0 Type-B (touch), 3.5 mm stereo input, 3.5 mm stereo output
Viewing AngleHor. 178°, Ver. 178°
Included AccessoriesCountry-specific power cable, 16' (5 m) USB A/B type, VGA 6' (18 m) D-sub 15 pin connector, Infrared remote control, Pen tray and two ergonomic pens with comfort grip
Touch InterfaceUSB
Brightness (cd/m²)350
Number of Touch Inputs10
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Touch technology


Multi-touch capabilities

Ten simultaneous touch points on computers with Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating systems. One touch point on computers with Mac OS X 10.9 , 10.10 or 10.11 operating system software.

Gesture support

Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 operating system software

Aspect ratio


Optimal resolution

4K UHD 2160p 3840 × 2160 at 60 Hz

Horizontal frequency

244-280 kHz

Vertical frequency

108-122 Hz

Contrast ratio (typical)


Brightness (typical)

350 cd/m2

Pixel pitch

0.4298 mm


72% of NTSC

Viewing angle


Response time

6 ms


10 W integrated side-firing speakers (×2)

Noise level

< 20 dba


Country-specific power cable


16’ (5 m) USB A/B type


6’ (18 m) D-sub 15 pin connector

Remote control

Infrared remote control

Pens and pen tray

Pen tray and two ergonomic pens with comfort grip

Mounting holes

For a standard VESA® 1000 mm × 600 mm mounting plate. Lower holes are 8" (20.2 cm) from the bottom of the interactive flat panel. Uses M8-1.25 screws.


HDMI® 2.0 input. Maximum cable length of 6' 5" (2 m).


USB 2.0 Type-B (touch). Maximum cable length of 6' 5" (2 m).


AC power outlet with IEC 60320-C13 socket, 4A max at 100–240V AC


Three HDMI 2.0 input


D-sub 15 pin input


Five RCA inputs (Y, Pb, Pr, L, R)


RCA analog audio and composite video inputs (red, white and yellow)


SPDIF optical output


USB 2.0 Type-A (media access)


USB 2.0 Type-B (touch)

PC audio

3.5 mm stereo input

Analog audio

3.5 mm stereo output


AC power inlet with IEC 60320-C14 socket

Power requirements

4A max at 100–240V AC

Mini computer slot

Fits computers smaller than 10" × 8" × 2" (25.4 cm × 20.3 cm × 5.1 cm)


VESA 75 mm × 75 mm or 100 mm × 100 mm


Supports computers weighing less than 10 lb. (4.5 kg)

HDMI cable

HDMI 2.0 compliant. Use a certified active HDMI extender for longer cables.

Operating temperature

41–95°F (5–35°C)

Operating humidity

10-80% relative humidity, non-condensing


189 lb (86 kg)

Shipping dimensions

72 1/2" × 50 1/2" × 11"
(184.2 cm × 128.5 cm × 28 cm)

Shipping weight

242 lb (110 kg)

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    SmartBoard 4075 Interactive Touchscreen Display

    More than 20 years ago smart technologies invented the Smartboard. An amazing tool that transformed the classroom, helping teachers connect and collaborate with students like never before. As we strive to help educators create learning environments where technology blends into the background, we're excited to offer the broadest range of interactive flat panels designed specifically for education. Our new 4000 and 6000 series are intuitive and easy to use, allowing students to learn naturally. Now you can enjoy a more beautiful, brilliantly detailed 4k and HD images without the downtime associated with replacing projector bulbs and without shadows glare or washed out images interfering with the lesson.
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    SmartBoard 4075 Interactive Touchscreen Display

    In my classroom the use of technology and my comfort level stems from, well I have children myself. Seeing them grow up in a society where technology is there. Realizing, this is where my kids are and this is the tool that they have and I need to jump on board with them and help lead the way. Society has her space here right so after she shares you're gonna give her feedback. We're a K to 12 independent school using the Smart Learning Suite. It's pretty amazing. Every teacher uses it in different ways.
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    • Infrared Remote Control
    • Country-Specific Power Cable
    • 16' (5 m) USB A/B Type
    • 6' (18 m) D-sub 15 pin Connector
    • Pen Tray and Two Ergonomic Pens with Comfort Grip

    Q. Can I adjust the brightness in my SmartBoard 4075?

    A. Yes, SmartBoard 4075 allows users to adjust the brightness and contrast at will.


    Q. Can I use board markers on the screen?

    A. SmartBoard 4075 comes with its own set of dry erase markers and allows the users to add their input onto the screen through finger touch and pen.


    Q. Which operating systems are supported by SmartBoard 4075?

    A. SmartBoard 4075 supports Windows and Mac.


    Q. Does SmartBoard 4075 interactive touchscreen come with a remote control?

    A. Yes, SmartBoard 4075 comes with its own infrared remote control.