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Smart Media World IWB-CCD02 Interactive Whiteboard

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82" 2-Touch (Finger & Pen) Infrared Interactive Whiteboard- 4:3
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  • 82" touchscreen panel with high resolution and comfortable aspect ratio
  • 2 point multi-touch ability allows effective interactivity at the workplace
  • Compatible with all OS
  • SmartMedia IWB software support is included for optimal work
  • A multitude of tools like graphing/charting, mathematical applications, OCR, pattern recognition etc are also part of the package
  • Various file formats including IWB Common Files Format supported

Smart Media World IWB-CCD02 Interactive Whiteboard is an exemplary educational product designed by the collaborative communication leader, Smart Media World. This fine product serves the purpose of transforming a classroom into a stimulating, attractive place for students. Smart Media World IWB-CCD02 boasts a huge 82" touchscreen panel equipped with state of the art touch sensing technology which detects two touches simultaneously. Since an interactive lesson is nothing without appealing visuals and audio, it comes with a life-like high resolution display and sound system.

 IWB-CCD02 Interactive Whiteboard gets its interactive capabilities from its amazing features and software support. The SmartMedia IWB software, compatible with all major OS, is a remarkable tool for teachers, providing them with an easy to use interface and all standard whiteboard functions. Annotations on media files, OCR, mathematical applications, and charting are just some of the facilities educators can benefit from.  

Moreover, IWB-CCD02 offers much more when it comes to connecting people. It not only supports a number of file formats so people can share media easily but also is able to create IWB CFF files that allow whole whiteboard screens to be shared with participants in real time, boosting the overall productivity of the learning process.

Smart Media World IWB-CCD02 Interactive Whiteboard is definitely a product worth buying. If excellence is a top priority with an educational institute, this interactive whiteboard is a prime choice owing to all its features.

Basic Attributes
Product NameSmart Media World IWB-CCD02 Interactive Whiteboard
ManufacturerSmart Media World
Number of Touch Inputs2
Aspect Ratio4:3
Surface MaterialSteel Erasable
Diagonal Size (Inches)82
Input MethodFinger, Pen
Touch Sensing TechnologyInfrared
Surface TypeAnti-Glare
Operating SystemWindows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)65.9 x 49.2 x 0.8
Warranty3 years renewable for 5 years after registration on the website
Power Requirement2W via USB
Included SoftwareSmartMedia IWB Software
Touch InterfaceUSB
Included Accessories2 pens, Pen Holders, Wall mount bracket, 8mt USB Cable, User Manual, SmartMedia IWB Software for a better IWB usage control
Country of OriginItaly
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Technical Specifications







Infrared Optical Tracking

Writing Method

Pen or Finger

Aspect Ratio


Sensitive Area

78 3/4"


32800 x 32800

Touch Points


Hot Keys

Optional - both sides

Tracking Speed

480 pts/second

Scan Speed



0.1 mm

Power Consumption


Projection Area

78 3/4"


USB or Wi-Fi

L x W x D

1675 x 1250 x 20.9 mm

Driver Compatibility

Win2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7 & 8, Mac OS and Linux

Pen Type

Solid, no batteries




Steel Erasable




3 years renewable for 5 years after registration on the website

Included Accessories

2 pens - Pen Holders - Wall mount bracket - 8mt USB Cable - User Manual - SmartMedia IWB Software for a better IWB usage control.


  • Brochure
    • Pens x 2
    • Pen Holders
    • Eraser
    • USB Cable
    • Smart Media World IWB Software
    • User Manual
    • Wall Mount Bracket

    Q. The IWB-CCD02 interactive whiteboard is connected to the computer and drivers are installed, still the touch does not work?

    A. If this happens then first you need to wipe the inside area of the frame (the white, honeycomb reflective strips) with a wet fabric. If the touch still does not work then try changing the cable, change the USB port, or change PCs.

    Q. Do I have to adjust calibration every single time I start the program or computer?

    A. No. The system recognizes calibration settings and stores them. However, if you move the projector then may be you need to recalibrate.

    Q. Where can I get the brochure for Smart Media World IWB-CCD02 interactive whiteboard?

    A. You can get the brochure by clicking at the “VIDEOS/RESOURCES” tab right next to the “SPECIFICATIONS” tab.

    Q. Can I connect a USB drive with the Smart Media World IWB-CCD02 interactive whiteboard?

    A. Yes, you can connect the USB drive, there is a dedicated slot available in the IWB-CCD02 interactive whiteboard.

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