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Qomo QRF324 RF Student Response System (24)

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Qomo QRF312 RF Student Response System (12)

12 Remote Audience Response System with USB/ RF Connectivity- 6 months Battery life
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  • QRF312 is an RF based audience response system used for conducting quizzes, analyzing classroom understanding, PowerPoints, XML files etc.
  • Extended range utilizing radio-frequency technology up to 200 ft.
  • Comprises of 1 instructor remote, QClick Software, USB receiver and 12 student response clickers
  • Instantly displays results of individuals or groups
  • Choose among many different activity modes, including Normal Quiz, Elimination, Vote/Inquiry, Ad-Lib Quiz, Hand-Raise, and Roll Call with multiple correct answers
  • Secure, unique Student ID's assigned to each response pad
  • Instant confirmation of response on the student remote
  • The response pads and instructor remotes are durable, lightweight and compact
  • Automatically enter power save mode to maximize battery life
  • Compatible with all operating systems

Qomo QRF312 audience response system consists of a wireless instructor remote used to control the course of action along the activities being held in class. With the instructors remote, QRF312 comes with an RF receiver as well which easily connects to the computer through a USB cable and student remotes (clickers) with which all responses are automatically collected and displayed within seconds. The QRF312 has the ability to function with any file format via Freestyle mode which engages participants virtually. Moreover, QClick’s PowerPoint-based software and wireless student remotes are given to each participant and real-time feedback can be electronically collected with a simple click

In addition to this, QClick’s Software suite features modules to set up classes, create exams, design templates, manage communication, and produce reports. It consists of user friendly tools to edit questions and conduct quizzes or games as well as import class lists from Excel and also generate Excel-compatible reports. The QRF312 audience response system enhances interactivity and engagement during classroom lessons.

Users are able to integrate video streams as well as record live videos by simply clicking a single button. The recorded presentations can be uploaded on any cloud based sharing site for future reference. As AVer 300AFHD can be connected to a projector, therefore when the lights are off for the projection to be displayed properly, the LED light module on top of the cameras head helps illuminate and brighten the object being presented. Aver 300AFHD document camera also features other options such as split screen, picture-in-picture, mirror image effect, freezing capability during a video stream and a remote control access to the document camera.

Basic Attributes
Product NameQomo QRF312 RF Student Response System (12)
Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac
Number of Remotes12
InterfaceRF, USB
Warranty2 years
Power RequirementInstructor remote: 2 x AA batteries Response remote: 2 x AAA batteries per pad RF Receiver: USB
Included SoftwareQClick Software
Battery Life 6 months
Included Accessories12 Student Response Pads, Instructor Remote Control, USB RF response remote, Extension USB Cable, QClick Software, Carrying Case
Country of OriginChina
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Instructor Remote
Add convenience and style to your presentations with this all-in-one wireless presentation remote. Used by the instructor to control the course of activities, the instructor remote presents PowerPoint slides, and doubles as a laser pointer.
Dimension: 4 1/8” x 1 15/16” x 5/8”.
LED Indicator for power status.
Power: 2 x AAA.

Response Pad
Each response pad has an ID number. The ID number can be set & reset by the instructor at any time. All responses are automatically collected within seconds.
Durable, lightweight, and compact design
Dimension: 4 1/8” x 1 15/16” x 5/8”
LED Indicator for power status
Power: 2 x AAA
USB Receiver
The RF receiver easily connects to your computer through USB.
The device driver is compatible with Windows only.


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    • 12 Student Response Pads
    • Instructor Remote Control
    • USB RF response remote
    • Extension USB Cable
    • QClick Software
    • Carrying Case
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