Qomo QIT300 Interactive Touchscreen Display

Qomo QIT300 Interactive Touchscreen Display

Qomo QIT600 Interactive Touchscreen Display

Qomo QIT600 Interactive Touchscreen Display

Qomo QIT500 Interactive Touchscreen Display

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19'' 1-Touch (Pen) SD LCD Electromagnetic Touchscreen Display
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  • QOMO QIT500 19” interactive LCD panel with SD resolution 
  • One may write, draw and annotate over any running application or displayed materials
  • Data can also be written directly on Word/Excel/PowerPoint files
  • A management tool the following features is also available, (copy/paste/rotate/zooming/color changing) making editing, updating, changing and adding data simple for the user
  • Any marked documents can easily be extracted using the thumbnail review capacity
  • The stylus pen show cases the ability of personalized communication
  • The graphic based interface supports quick learning as it is simple to use as well as understand
  • The electromagnetic grip pen also functions as a mouse
  • Available image library holds 5000 images
  • Works with Doc Cam, Camcorder, and firewire equipment to annotate on live video
  • Handwritten object recognition and conversion
  • Easy to understand Flow! Works Software

The QOMO QIT500 19” Interactive Touchscreen Display is the ultimate solution to classroom activities. It supports the concept of collaborated work. Not only does it allow the user to deliver a presentation but also share data at will. The QOMO QIT500 enables the user to write directly on the panel using the stylus pen, on Word, Excel and Power Point files. This way, the material on display can be better explained on the spot. Available management tool in QOMO QIT500 permits the user to copy, paste, rotate, zoom and change color ensuring the capacity to edit and update data when required. The handwritten object recognition feature of QOMO QIT500 successfully displays what the user writes in their own writing adding authenticity and uniqueness to the data.

The Best Experience - Qomo QIT500

The QOMO QIT500 is a state of the art Interactive Display with various features that make it the best option by ensuring an incredible user experience. It incorporates features such as the electromagnetic pen, graphic based interface support, a vast storage, convenient data management, and several other features that are the main reason for this Touchscreen’s popularity.

QIT500's Unmatched Collaborative Capabilities

 The 19” Interactive Display is an effective tool for your collaborative work anywhere. You can directly edit and save your MS Office files with its handwriting feature. Moreover, the file management tool is another useful option which can assist you. This Interactive Touchscreen Display can also work perfectly with your document camera for a productive video conferencing experience.  

Simple and Efficient!!!

The Qomo Touchscreen Display is extremely simple to understand by anyone. It also does not need any complicated procedure to set up and comes with the all the basic software packs. The vast storage of QIT500 is another useful feature that increases the efficiency as thee user would need to shift previous data to a computer regularly.

Basic Attributes
Product NameQomo QIT500 Interactive Touchscreen Display
Country of OriginChina
Resolution1440 x 900
Built-in AndroidNo
Built-in CameraNo
Built-in PCNo
Touch Response Time (ms)16
Ship cost0.0000
Diagonal Size (Inches)19
Display TechnologyLCD
Included SoftwareFlow! Works Software
Power Requirement100 - 240V AC
Warranty2 years
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)22.5 x 19 x 5.5
Operating SystemWindows 98 ME 2000, XP, Vista, Mac
Surface TypeGlass Protection Overlay
Surface MaterialGlass
Touch Sensing TechnologyElectromagnetic
Input MethodStylus
Aspect Ratio16:9
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Inputs / OutputsAC Power IN, VGA IN 15-pin D-sub, VGA OUT 15-pin D-sub , DVI IN , USB
Viewing AngleHor. 170°, Ver. 160°
Included AccessoriesStylus Pen
Touch InterfaceUSB
Brightness (cd/m²)300
Number of Touch Inputs1
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Display Method

TFT Active Matrix Method

Panel Type


Screen Size


Active lnput Area

16.15''×10.45'' (410mm × 257.mm)

LCD Resolution

1440×900 pixels

Panel Resolution

1000 LPI(lines per inch)

Panel Pressure Levels


Panel Accuracy

+/- 0.019''(0.48mm)





LCD Pixel Pitch

0.285mm × 0.285mm

Response Time


Viewing Angle

-85° - 85° (H)


-80° - 80° (V)



Panel Report Rate

180 Reports/Second



Panel Maximum


Reading Height


Panel Maximum


Writing Height


Power Consumption



300 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio




On-Screen Display


Size, Position




Color Management


Power Saving


AC/DC Adaptor





9.8 lbs(4.4kg)




Pressure Sensitive

Pen Barrel 1


Pen Barrel 2


Tip Travel

2 mm max

Tip Switch on Load

3238g max



Usage : 32° -113° F(0° -45° C)
Storage : 4° -140° F(-20° -60° C)


Usage: <70%


Operating System

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista


Pentium III 500 MHz or Higher


CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card and Microphone



Display Card

Supports 1024×768(16 Bit High Color)
Dual VGA Outputs or
a VGA Splitter/Distributor

Data Port

USB Port×2:1 for Writing Panel



DC Power IN, VGA IN 15-pin D-sub
VGA OUT 15-pin D-sub USB





48.3cm × 14cm × 57.2cm



Two-year Limited Warranty


  • Qomo QIT500 Brochure
  • Qomo QIT500 User Manual

  • Qomo QIT500 Demo Video

    Qomo QIT500 Interactive Touchscreen Display

    Qomo's journey is an interactive monitor that is streamlining technology through a much more practical design than its adversaries. Unlike traditional interactive whiteboards Qomo's journey does not require any calibration to function. With simple plug-and-play capability users can display their computers both wirelessly or with an HDMI or VGA. An additional built-in pc is also available. All journeys now come with the built-in Android interface that allows for pc-less interaction with the board. The journey is also software agnostic, meaning that users to have absolute liberty to use any software of their choosing. In addition, journey users have exclusive access to Qomo's various annotation software and content partners such as flow works, easynote and RM pc teach. Advanced infrared sensors around the screen enable multitouch functionality. This allows many users to interact simultaneously with screen content encouraging classroom collaboration. Qomo's journey is made with high quality metal unlike other plastic frames and the speed of the monitors heavy duty tempered glass blonde for safe use in the classroom. Along with its durability, the journey has the long life span over 10 years without any reduction in quality LED backlighting allows to journey to display an image three times brighter than that of a projector while using only twenty-five percent of the power consumed by normal projectors and whiteboards low maintenance fees and minimal power consumption levels you to save money in the long term for more information regarding the journey or any of our other products contact our friendly staff or refer to website at Qomo calm also subscribe to Qomo solutions on YouTube for new featured videos and tutorials from Qomo presenting solutions

    • Stylus Pen

    Q. Can I use my fingers to command the Qomo QIT500 Interactive Touchscreen Display?

    A. No, QIT500 interactive touchscreen can only be controlled with the provided stylus


    Q. What are the power requirements of this QIT500 interactive display?

    A. The Qomo touchscreen operates in the range of 100 – 240V AC.


    Q. Do I need to buy separate speakers with this Qomo interactive touchscreen?

    A. Yes, the Qomo QIT500 does not come with a built – in speaker.


    Q. Is QIT500 interactive touchscreen compatible with my computer?

    A. Qomo touchscreen display is compatible with any computer with Windows OS and Macs.


    Q. What is the duration of this Touchscreen’s warranty?  

    A. The Qomo QIT500 comes with a 2 – year warranty starting from the date of purchase.