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OneScreen Huddle d4 65'' Interactive Touchscreen Display

OneScreen Wall W1 Video Wall Display

55'' HD 1080p LCD Video Wall with an Active Bezel, 0.63mm Pixel Pitch and 700 cd/m2 Brightness
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OneScreen Video Wall 55"
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  • Impressive zero width bezel video wall that makes the display a sight to remember
  • Top of the class 55“ touchscreen panels make composition of the video wall manageable
  • 4K resolution with the best display specifications for true to life imagery
  • 3D compatible screens introduce a whole new dimensions to captivating video wall displays
  • Easy to use controller with iOS interface
  • Facility of free training and tech support provided by OneScreen completes the deal

OneScreen Wall W1 Video Wall Display is arguably the best of the best when it comes to video wall displays. The frontrunner of its market, it comes with the most desirable set of features that guarantee users a remarkable result that can attract the masses.

OneScreen Wall W1 stands out from among its competition through its zero width bevel technologies. The 55“ LCD touchscreen panels that it is made of have no bevel width, which means that the video wall is a humongous, unhindered display that looks just as it were a single screen. This extraordinary quality enormously enhances the effect this display has on viewers.

The touchscreen panels used in the W1 Video Wall Display are top of the class as well. Their amalgamation is a brilliant 4K display, and with their 3D compatibility the video wall can be used for an extended range of applications. Moreover, with 4 input sources per screen, users can easily build and manipulate individual screen in the whole display without much hassle.

OneScreen Wall W1 Video Wall Display with an intuitive controller software as well. It comes with an iOS interface and can be used to manage up to 144 screens, making the management of this amazing product very easy. Furthermore, this product is a turnkey solution, which means that all installation, service, and further support will be performed by OneScreen, enabling users to enjoy its benefits without anything to worry about.

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Product NameOneScreen Wall W1 Video Wall Display
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