MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector

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  • Ultra-short throw projector with laser technology
  • Has a laser life of 20 years
  • Ultra-wide display accommodating 11 feet of display
  • Incorporates an interactive stylus that allows direct linkage with the projected display
  • 6 segment color wheel technology ensures high resolution projected images
  • 3,000 lumens of brightness and 23 laser diodes
  • Packs a number of connectivity options with VGA, HDMI, USB, ports
  • A set of stereo 8 watt speakers along with audio ports
  • Standard RJ-45 connection of LAN and Ethernet connectivity
  • Supports connection with PC’s running Windows, Mac or Linux OS
  • Features the MimioStudio software for collaborative learning
  • Includes an official MimioStudio software license


The MimioProjector 3200Li replaces the old lamp light projectors with its laser technology. The laser projection guarantees a more brighter and vivid display and requires no maintenance with its long life span. The 3200Li combines the power of both the ultra-wide and ultra-short throw technology in making a fine product. The ultra-short throw technology prevents the light beam shine and the ultra-wide display supports a massive 11 feet vivid display. With 3,000 lumens of brightness and 23 laser diodes along with a capacity of 16.7 million colours, the projected images are both clear and concise and close to perfection. The 3200Li model features 2 interactive stylus that allows content navigations and interaction with he projected display. Providing a platform for collaborative learning and making learning easy for student, the MimioProjector further offers a complete software license of the MimioStudio. The MimioStudio creates a collaborative learning environment that engages students in activities and assessment. The projector packs numerous ports such as the HDMI, VGA, LAN, USB etc. for easy connectivity with PCs and external mediums Moreover, the 3200Li features Ethernet connectivity and provides an audio input and out support along with a set of stereo 8 watt speakers.

Latest Technology with the MimioProjector 3200Li

The MimioProjector 3200Li comes equipped with the latest laser technology that results in a better and more vibrant display. It also gives longevity to the operational life of the projector, making this Interactive Projector a good investment for your classroom. 

Enjoy the Best Display!

The Projector features an ultra – wide display 11ft and projects high quality images with sharp colors. With its features, the users get the brightest result in a resolution that is close to high definition displays.  

MimioProjector 3200Li Comes with Built-in Speakers

The Interactive Projector incorporates a set of stereo speakers with audio ports that covers the whole classrooms, eliminating the need of buying speakers separately for the classroom.

Convenient and Collaborative Experience

The Projector supports connection with all the popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux. It also comes with the standard internet connectivity which allows users to store and conveniently share their work over the internet.

MimioStudio Software Suite Included

The MimioProjector comes with a software license that features the latest MimioStudio Software Suite, allowing a collaborative learning experience.

Basic Attributes
Product NameMimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector
Lamp Life (Hours)20,000 Laser Life
Network ConnectivityLAN
Aspect Ratio16:6
Input MethodPen
Throw Ratio0.25 : 1
Speaker 8W + 8W
Brightness (Lumens)3000
Resolution1920 x 720
Inputs / OutputsHDMI x 2, VGA x 1, VGA in/out switched x 1, Composite x 1, VGA in/out switched x 1, Stereo line 3.5 mm x 1, Stereo line RCA jacks x 1, Mic level 3.5 mm x 1, Line out 3.5 mm x 1, 8 Watts x 2 stereo, RJ45 x 1
Contrast Ratio1800:1
Included SoftwareMimioStudio Software
Power Requirement100 - 240V AC
Warranty2 years
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)4.06 x 12.2 x 3.39
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, Linux
Touch Sensing TechnologyInfrared
Included AccessoriesProjector with Integrated IR Camera, 2 Interactive Styli, MimioStudio Software License, Power Cord-4m, HDMI VGA Cable-5m, Mini-USB Cable-5m, Remote with Battery, Wall-Mount
Display TechnologyDLP
CategoryInteractive Ultra-Short Throw
Country of OriginChina
Number of Touch Inputs10
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Software Requirements

MimioStudio 11 and higher on a Windows, Mac, or Linux OS


3,000 lumens

Light Source

Laser Diode x 23

Laser Life (typical)

20,000 hours

Native Aspect Ratio


Native Resolution

1920 x 720 (16:6)

Image Size Supported

120 in. - 140 in. (3.05 m - 3.56 m)

Keystone Correction

Vertical: ±5°

Contrast Ratio


Color Reproduction

16.7 million colors (R/G/B 10 bit)

Projection Lens


Throw Ratio

Ultra-short throw of 0.25

Focus Type


Projection Technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP), utilizing a 6-segment color wheel

Closed Captioning

Based on TI DDP4421 spec, CC1/CC2/CC3/CC4 supported

Digital A/V Inputs

HDMI x 2

Video Analog Inputs

VGA x 1, VGA in/out switched* x 1, Composite x 1

Video Analog Outputs

VGA in/out switched x 1

Audio Analog Inputs

Stereo line 3.5 mm x 1, Stereo line RCA jacks x 1, Mic level 3.5 mm x 1

Audio Analog Outputs

Line out 3.5 mm x 1


8 Watts x 2 stereo (16 W total)

LAN Connectivity

Standard using RJ-45 connector

LAN Control Protocols


Laser Curtain DC Power

3.5 mm


Front or rear projection, wall, or ceiling mount


Kensington Lock >36 kg

Power Supply

AC 100 – 240 V 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption (typical)

- Normal Mode: 350 W - ECO Mode: 290 W - Standby: < 0.5 W Touch Mode

Operating Temperature

5 - 40° C (41 - 104° F)

Fan Noise

Full mode: 37±2dB (A), w/o filter ECO mode: 33±2dB (A), w/o filter

MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector Resources

  • MimioProjector 3200Li Brochure

  • MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector Demo Video

    MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector

    All right Manny! We're gonna take a look at MimioStudio which is the software that ties all those tools together. So the heart of MimioStudio is the MimioStudio notebook. So I'll watch this guy here. And what I'll do is I'll show you one of our sample lessons. I'll open up the MimioStudio gallery. Now I can just take this lesson and drag it in it's down the gallery. Okay so this is a lesson on special senses of animal organs. And we'll skip over the instructions and we'll hop over to one of the activities we have here. So can when you smell a pizza baked in the oven, what organ would you use?
    Read More ...
    • Projector with Integrated IR Camera
    • 2 interactive styli
    • MimioStudio software license
    • Power cord-4m
    • HDMI cable-5m
    • Mini-USB cable-5m
    • Remote with battery
    • Wall-mount

    Q: Can you connect MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector with other devices?

    A: Yes, as MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector has packs analog and digital ports such as the VGA, USB, and the HDMI integrated within its design providing the user with several connectivity options.


    Q: In what other ways does MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector support collaborative learning?

    A: MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector comes with the latest MimioStudio software that comes packed with several tools that help teachers to provide the students with an engaging classroom environment.


    Q: How has the mimioprojector been made more convenient for the user compared to its other alternatives?

    A: MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector comes with a wall mount that can be used as a ceiling mount. Moreover, it comes with 2 interactive styli and even allows Ethernet connectivity as well as LAN connections!


    Q: How does MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector guarantee the outstanding quality of the displayed content?

    A: The projector displays an image with 3,000 lumens of brightness and brilliant color reproduction with 16.7 million colors. It even comes supported with a digital light processing technology (6-segment color wheel), an innovative feature which completely ensures that the quality of the displayed image is top-notch.


    Q: Does the MimioProjector 3200Li Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projector have a warranty?

    A: Yes, it has a 2-year warranty. 

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