MimioCapture 3 Ink Recorder and MimioTeach Interactive System Bundle

A bundle of MimioCapture 3 Ink Recorder and MimioTeach Interactive System
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Attributes of MimioCapture 3

  • Requires a MimioBoard interactive whiteboard or Mimio Teach interactive whiteboard, and the MimioStudio classroom software
  • Capable of converting handwriting into various formats and document texts like PDF, JPEG and HTML
  • MIMIO ink capture system lets the teacher save notes on the MimioStudio™ Notebook file while writing through the dry erase markers
  • Can easily save and capture 4 types of dry erase ink colors
  • Contains a rechargeable tray with dimensions of 10 in. D x 6.9 in. W x 1.4 in. H to keep the pens charged
  • Contains automatic mode switching where it can be initiated from a Mimio Teach interactive whiteboard, MimioBoard interactive whiteboard or MimioStudio classroom software by simply touching the pen on the board
  • Eraser is included which has dimensions of 3 in. L x 3 in. W x 3.3 in. H
  • Each marker pens have the dimension of 6.7 in. L x 1.3 in. W x 1.3 in. H
  • Contains TOV, FCC and CE certification
  • Comes in four different colors; green, blue, red and black

Attributes of MimioTeach

  • With the MimioStudio Software users have the ability to plan, create, import, engage and excite students
  • Can convert any conventional dry erase board into an interactive whiteboard
  • Magnetically mounts onto any whiteboard or flat surface making it fully interactive as well as portable
  • Mounting clips are used when MimioTeach is to be attached on a non-magnetic surface
  • Conveniently setup just by plugging in the MimioHub wireless receiver and launching the MimioStudio software
  • Boosts classroom interactivity and engagement
  • Livens up and makes teaching lessons more collaborative with audio and video facilities while using the computers microphone
  • With the NEW collaboration feature, MimioStudio Software can connect up to 50 students to work on the one activity
  • Connects up to 3 mobile devices using the MimioMobile application


Mimio is now offering interesting bundles for its users where this one is a combo of MimioCapture 3 and MimioTeach. Both of them contain the MimioStudio software which lets students and teachers interact to the fullest. With the portable MimioTeach, a simple whiteboard can be converted to an interactive one. This helps in creating student-centered classrooms where collaborative lessons are demonstrated. 50 students can interact simultaneously without any hassle. And with the MimioTeach stylus which is an ergonomic pen, you can control your PC’s directly from the board. So, this interactive solution eliminates the need of individually connecting with wires.

While on the other hand, the MimioCapture lets you save every other word which is written on the whiteboard with 4 different color markers. Not only this, but the handwriting can be converted into different formats and document texts like PDF, JPEG and HTML. These documents can be saved for future use and can also be transferred to students who could not attend the lecture. With such amazing tools, students not only take interest in learning but participate also as they only focus on listening rather than writing. Moreover, the MimioCapture comes with a convenient rechargeable tray that efficiently hold the MimioCapture pens during lectures.

Both of these economically priced interactive tools ensure interactivity with convenience. And adding one of these bundles to your gadget list will definitely enhance the overall performance of the institution.


Basic Attributes
Product NameMimioCapture 3 Ink Recorder and MimioTeach Interactive System Bundle
Number of Touch Inputs1
Touch InterfaceUSB
Surface TypeAny Flat Surface
Ship cost50
Projection Range (Inches)80 - 120
Aspect Ratio16:9
Input MethodStylus
Touch Sensing TechnologyInfrared
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, Linux
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)14.8 x 2.7 x 1.5
Warranty2 years
Power Requirement5V - 100mA DC via micro-USB
Included SoftwareMimioStudio
Included AccessoriesRechargeable stylus, MimioHub wireless receiver, USB micro-B cable, magnetic mounting bracket, 5V 1.2A USB power supply, and MimioStudio software license
Country of OriginTaiwan
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MimioCapture 3 Ink Recorder Resources

  • Brochure
  • Hardware Reference Card
  • MimioTeach Interactive System Resources

  • Brochure
    • Rechargeable stylus
    • MimioCapture 3 ink recorder
    • MimioTeach interactive system
    • MimioHub wireless receiver
    • USB micro-B cable
    • Magnetic mounting bracket
    • 5V 1.2A USB power supply
    • MimioStudio software license

    Q: Can the Interactive System recognize command from my fingers?

    A: No, the MimioTeach only recognizes commands from a stylus.


    Q: Do I get a warranty with the bundled product?

    A: Yes, the Interactive System comes with a 2 – year warranty.


    Q: How do I set up the MimioTeach Interactive System?

    A: To set up the Interactive System, the users need to only attach it to a flat surface and plug it in a USB power source.


    Q1) How will we know that the MimioCapture pen needs to be recharged?

    A. If the pen is off then it simply means that it is not receiving any power but when you see a solid amber color light, then it means that the MimioCapture pen has low battery and it needs to be recharged. Place it in the charging tray and you will witness a solid green light which indicates that it is successfully charging now.


    Q2) How can we insert the dry erase markers inside the MimioCapture pen?

    A. Simply insert the dry erase markers directly into the MimioCapture pen from the side which shows the status light.


    Q3) Are there any specific instruction to use the MimioCapture pen while writing?

    A. No there are no boundaries, you can write and draw whatever you want to. As it lets you to be as creative as you can be.