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SMARTBoard Copyboard

Collaborative work is the backbone of every modern day workplace. Individuals across the globe are being prompted to discover and adopt ways which enhance productivity by making collaborative work possible. The SMARTBoard Copyboard is one such step in this direction which is aimed at revolutionizing collaborative work.

Available in 42” and 82” variants, SMARTBoard Copyboard comes in black and white colors. Ideal for classrooms and conference rooms, the Copyboard essentially allows multiple users to connect in a session in real time. While a session is in progress, the users present in the vicinity of the Copyboard can view the contents on their personal android and iOS devices by connecting with the Copyboard through the SMART Kapp app on their devices.

Perhaps the most convenient prospect is that the users present in different localities, cities or continents can also join in and collaborate in ongoing sessions by merely clicking on a link provided by the host.

Also, data can be saved for later viewing in a USB or screenshots can be taken on personal devices which in turn can be shared to other android and iOS operators. Overall, the SMARTBoard Copyboard is a device aimed at greatly simplifying and improving collaborative work experience.