iCloth Xtra Large Wipes

24 XL Wipes

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iCloth XL Wipes are just the right size for you to carry with you and clean your large and extra-large personal items wherever you may need to. These wipes remove skin oils, grease, germs, grime in just one step. iCloth’s formula is specifically designed to be absorbent, soft, and to no draw scratches. It is made of an aerospace-approved, pre-moistened fabric with a 75% purified water formula to softly clean all residue effectively. This pack of 24 large wipes especially are made to safely clean extra-large touchscreens, TV screens, and computer monitors, POS systems, windows, glass doors, stainless steel appliances, and windshields; as well as coated and uncoated glass displays, plastic and acrylic surfaces, and any other extra-large optical surfaces.

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