Hitachi StarBoard FX-DUO 88" Interactive Whiteboard

Multiple, simultaneous StarBoard sessions- Thumbnail review capability to quickly scan through files of active, Live video annotation, and capture.

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  • Software to allow conferencing among up to 42 sites or persons
  • Six different types of electronic inks including solid inks, transparent highlighter inks, 3D roller inks, psychedelic-filled inks, shadowed inks and painting patterned inks
  • Comprehensive clip art library
  • Character recognition software to run applications with freehand writing
  • Three different pen types-Normal drawing pens, Intelli-pen for geometric object recognition that converts freehand geometric objects, such as circles and triangles, to smooth drafting quality geometric objects, and a Laser Pen that creates temporary annotations
  • Object management functions to Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste objects
  • Multiple, simultaneous StarBoard sessions
  • Thumbnail review capability to quickly scan through files of active and marked up presentations
  • Live video annotation, and capture
  • A spotlight tool which hones in on a specific area of the display

The StarBoard FX Series is our most advanced and popular interactive whiteboard to date. These versatile, high-performance products feature large-format image areas, with durable, anti-glare steel-backed projection surfaces for electronic sensing-based writing. With the FX Series, we have introduced a sophisticated new combination of ultrasound and infrared technologies for stylus position sensing and cursor hovering. This not only eliminates the possibility of spurious or accidental "contact" signals during your presentations, but also ensures high-speed, accurate stylus tracking over the entire image area. FX Series whiteboards are available with serial or USB wireless computer interfaces.The complete StarBoard Software suite is included with every FX Series whiteboard. Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX DUO 88 is a multi touch Interactive Whiteboard that is perfect for small classrooms or boardrooms. It makes your lessons and seminars interactive. You can write on the board with your fingers, the electric pen or the provided stylus. You can scroll by motioning with the flat of your hand, or expand the display by motioning with your fingers. The hard and durable surface is low glaze being easy on your eyes. Use of dry erase markers isn't recommended. The FX Duo 88 having a display of 88 inches is perfect for small classrooms or small boardrooms. It will fit in perfectly in the space, and will be big enough for your participants to view the board.The Hitachi FX Duo 88 can be operated with your fingers or a pen. The board is flexible, not needing any special writing tool. You can write with your hand, the stylus or the electronic pen. The supplied Starboard software is feature rich and can be connected to other Starboards at remote locations. This way you can easily set up a virtual meeting.

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Product NameHitachi StarBoard FX-DUO 88" Interactive Whiteboard
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