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Elmo MX-1 Document Camera

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Elmo TT-LX1 Document Camera

Elmo TT-TX1 Document Camera

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  • Built in Wi-Fi allows for wireless transmission of HD video to stream to a Windows based computer or mobile device.
  • The TX-1 is equipped with an HDMI output to give the image quality that hides nothing and fully supports 1080p streaming
  • Has 12x optical and 8x digital zoom, allowing one to see the most intricate details of an object
  • Allows multiple output options to best suit one’s needs, supporting USB, RGB and HDMI
  • The specially designed included Base Plate not only gives the TX-1 extra support, but also acts as an anti-theft bracket while still maintaining the cameras tiny footprint
  • The TX-1 can be bended and rotated in many different ways to obtain the perfect view one is looking for

The new TX-1 Visual Presenter offers a 12x optical zoom lens and a full HD camera. The compact footprint allows for use in any space. Break away from the traditional workspace as the built-in Wi-Fi allows for wireless transmission of HD video to stream to a Windows based computer or mobile device, this new seamless method of integration of technology has led to numerous new ways of interacting with the document camera, ensuring a fluid and captivating teaching/presenting experience that will amaze everyone in the audience.

Basic Attributes
Product NameElmo TT-TX1 Document Camera
AV RecordingNo
Camera Arm and NeckMechanical Arm and Neck
Resolution1920 x 1080
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)391 x 230 x 427.9 mm
Warranty5 years
Power Requirement5V DC, 8W
Inputs / OutputsHDMI Type A x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, Wifi Output
Shooting Area17.1" x 9.5"
Mega Pixels (MP)3.4
Zoom8X Digital, 12X Optical
Frame Rate (fps)30
FocusAutomatic, Manual
Included AccessoriesAC Adapter, USB Cable (B), DC Power Cable, Setup Guide, Product Warranty
Country of OriginThailand
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  • Brochure
    • AC Adapter
    • USB Cable (B)
    • DC Power Cable
    • Setup Guide
    • Product Warranty

    Q. What is the specific zooming capacity of Elmo TT-TX1 document camera?

    A. The device has a 12x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom to ensure that even the minutest details are not missed.


    Q. What other features are a part of this document camera which makes it a more convenient choice?

    A. Elmo TT-TX1 document camera comes with numerous features and functions that make it a handy device to have in any sort of environment such as efficient brightness control, image rotation, Image mode, OSD (on-screen display) and finally, microscope mode!


    Q. Does Elmo TT-TX1 document camera allow users to take pictures from multiple angles?

    A. Yes! As the device can easily bend and rotate in different ways to help users obtain the most ideal shot.


    Q. What are some of the functions that come included with the document camera?

    A. There are many functions that are a part of Elmo TT-TX1 document cameras’ system, such as an impeccable brightness control, Image mode and rotation as well as a Microscope mode.


    Q. Can TT-TX1 document camera be used wirelessly?

    A. Yes, the camera comes with wireless compatibility.

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