eBeam SmartMarker Basic Interactive System

eBeam SmartMarker Basic Interactive System

eBeam SmartMarker Complete Interactive System

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Single-Touch (Pen) 16 feet Wireless Ultrasound/ Infrared Projection with included Markers
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  • High quality, portable device that functions as an interactive whiteboard anywhere
  • Saves whole sessions in its internal memory
  • Whiteboards can be synced with devices for real-time interaction
  • Large physical range allocates users a large range to work on
  • Comes with 4 different holders and a handy 4-slot charger


eBeam SmartMarker Complete Interactive System is a revolutionary product in collaborative communication markets. This efficient, market leading device lets users to whiteboard from anywhere and anytime; all that is required is a flat surface. It comes in a robust and compact body that makes it very portable as well.

EbeamSmartMarker can be used to engage in effective white boarding sessions with multiple users involved. It has a huge range of 16` x 5`, allowing users a large workspace to draw on; which is even bigger than commonly used whiteboards. Everything that a user does using the marker sleeve gets saved in its internal memory, which is capable of storing hours of work. This data can be conveniently shared via any platform or saved in any Cloud network for other users to view later. Moreover, the SmartMarker also allows live whiteboarding through online sharing. All participants can view the whole session on their screens and also provide their feedback in the form of annotations, making it the perfect product for collaboration.

The SmartMarker Complete Package is a comprehensive pack of 4 different colored marker sleeves, which are used to hold markers as users work. A special, 4-slot charger is also part of the package; it charges all 4 sleeves simultaneously for optimal usage. The multi-colored interface lends liveliness to the whole process and enhances users’ ability to express themselves.

Unmatched Capabilities

eBeam Equil SmartMarker is a complete Interactive System with the latest and innovative feature that redefine elegance. It has a huge cover area and large internal memory. The powerful battery of eBeam SmartMarker can work long hours and has a short charging time. The marker sleeves come in different colors and can be simultaneously charged for user’s convenience.


Collaboration at its Best!

The eBeam Complete Interactive System has several collaborative tools that help users in creating an effective learning environment. The large workspace gives users more area to draw on and the System also allows live white boarding through online sharing platforms.

Cloud Storage Available

Apart from the large internal storage, the users also have an option of storing their data on their preferred cloud storage. The users can create an archive which can automatically update itself without any command from the users.




An Unparalleled Experience

The users get the best overall experience with the eBeam Equil SmartMaarker System. Its various features give users the freedom of performing their desired operation with an extremely simple set of commands. 

Basic Attributes
Product NameeBeam SmartMarker Complete Interactive System
Number of Touch Inputs1
Touch InterfaceUSB, Wireless
Surface TypeAny Flat Surface
Ship cost35.0000
Input MethodStylus
Touch Sensing TechnologyInfrared, Ultrasound
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)1.1 x 6.3 x 1.3
Warranty2 years
Power RequirementUSB, AAA Rechargable Batteries
Included SoftwareEquil Note 3.2 Software
Included AccessoriesSmartmarker Sensor, Smartmarker Wireless dongle, 4 marker sleeves, 4 EXPO markers (4 colors), 2 Sensor mounting plates & 3M adhesive strips, 3m data sync power charging cable, Multi? Charge Cradle, Multi?Charge Cradle Quick Guide, 1.5m USB Charging cable, Large Eraser, 4 large eraser felts, 2 large eraser mounting plates & 3M adhesive strips, 8 small eraser felts, USB power adapter, 3 international power adapters, User Manual & Quick Start guide
Country of OriginUnited States
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    • Smartmarker Sensor
    • Smartmarker Wireless dongle
    • 4 Marker Sleeves
    • 4 EXPO Markers (4 colors)
    • 2 Sensor Mounting Plates & 3M Adhesive Strips
    • 3m Data Sync Power Charging Cable
    • Multi?Charge Cradle
    • Multi?Charge Cradle Quick Guide
    • 1.5m USB Charging Cable
    • Large Eraser
    • 4 Large Eraser Felts
    • 2 Large Eraser Mounting Plates & 3M Adhesive Strips
    • 8 Small Eraser Felts
    • USB Power Adapter
    • 3 International Power Adapters
    • User Manual
    • Quick Start Guide

    Q: Can I attach the eBeam SmartMarker Interactive System on any surface?

    A: The eBeam SmartMarker can be attached to any flat and rigid surface with the help of its mounting plates.


    Q: Which cloud storage is the best choice for this system?

    A: The SmartMarker Interactive System automatically saves your data in any cloud storage you prefer.


    Q: Is eBeam eBeam SmartMarker compatible with smartphones and tablets?

    A: Yes! The Interactive System is compatible with all the contemporary operating systems on both computers and mobile devices.

    Q: Can I use an ordinary board marker on the Interactive System?

    A: Yes! With eBeam SmartMarker, the users can easily write using the markers easily available in the market.


    Q: Do I get a warranty with this product?

    A: The eBeam SmartMarker Interactive System comes with a 3 – year warranty.

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