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  • eBeam Equil SmartMarker eBeam Equil SmartMarker
  • eBeam Equil SmartMarker Basic Interactive System eBeam Equil SmartMarker Basic Interactive System
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eBeam SmartMarker Basic Interactive System

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Quick Overview

Single-Touch (Pen) 16 feet Wireless Ultrasound/ Infrared Projection

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  • A portable form of whiteboarding platform makes it ideal for a high-end clientele
  • Captures and saves whole sessions in its internal memory
  • Allows sessions to be synced with devices all over the world
  • Provides users a large workspace to draw on

eBeam SmartMarker Basic Interactive System can easily be declared as one of the leading innovations of the modern era. This revolutionary product allows users to start whiteboarding anywhere they like, whether it is their office wall, conference table or even home. This remarkable facility is made possible via its small size, which is no bigger than a commonly used board marker. This design feature makes it easily portable, thus usable in any place.

The marker holder provided with Ebeam SmartMarker is the only equipment that needs to be carried around. It simply needs to be charged and turned on before operation, and it saves hours’ worth of whiteboarding sessions in its own memory; this saved data can be accessed at any time in the future, uploaded on cloud systems, shared or saved using other data storage platforms.

The eBeam SmartMarker lends users a huge, 16` x 5`area to work on while it transmits every line being drawn to connected devices, that display everything exactly as it is going on in the original session. These live, remote whiteboard meetings encourage interactivity among users since all participants can conveniently provide their inputs via annotations that are transmitted in the live feed. This sharing of ideas and brainstorming in real time makes using the SmartMarker the same as any interactive whiteboard display, but virtually without their sizeable display unit.

Save what you write!

Ebeam SmartMarker basic interactive system comes with an internal memory of 10,000 pages! Even without the need of opening or connecting with a PC, the users’ notes can all be saved and later uploaded within the user’s desired medium through the marker.

A Cheaper Alternative

 The device is not only reliable but is extremely affordable as well! This along with Ebeam SmartMarker being mobile is one of the most primary choices for anyone wanting an efficient interactive system.

Unbeatable Warranty

Ebeam SmartMarker comes with a long warranty lasting for 3 years! It’s a show of confidence on the device’s performance and reliability.

Write Away!

Ebeam SmartMarker can also corporate and work with regular markers available in most markets. This is an extremely unique and handy feature to have at hand that can keep running cost practically the same.


Rechargeable and Wireless

This basic interactive system can last up to 8 hours on continuous use and provides a wireless experience to the user for more convenience.

As easy as ABC

Ebeam SmartMarker has been designed to ensure that the users face no unnecessary complications during the installation process. The device is also extremely easy to carry due to its portable design and attractive case.

Erase it everywhere

The marker comes integrated with a real physical eraser that can delete the written notes both physically as well as digitally from its internal memory

Additional Information

NameeBeam SmartMarker Basic Interactive System
Input MethodStylus
Number of Touch Inputs1
Projection Range (Inches)No
Surface TypeAny Flat Surface
Touch Sensing TechnologyInfrared, Ultrasound
Touch InterfaceUSB, Wireless
Aspect RatioNo
Operating SystemNo
Power RequirementUSB, AAA Rechargable Batteries
Included AccessoriesSmartmarker Sensor, Smartmarker Wireless dongle, marker sleeve, EXPO marker (black), 2 Sensor mounting plates & 3M adhesive strips, 3M data sync power charging cable, USB power adapter, 3 international power adapters, User Manual & Quick Start guide
Included SoftwareEquil Note 3.2 Software
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)1.1 x 6.3 x 1.3
Weight (lbs.)0.2200
Warranty2 years
Country of OriginUnited States

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  1. eBeam Equil SmartMarker Basic Interactive System review by Product Expert on 4/20/2017

    eBeam Equil SmartMarker Basic Interactive System is deemed to be the most practical whiteboarding product in contemporary markets. Developed by eBeam, the industry leader when it comes to innovation, this interactive system is a great value for money.

    The unique aspect to the eBeam Equil SmartMarker is its small size. Compared with large interactive touchscreen displays and loads of peripheral devices, the SmartMarker is nothing but a marker sleeve and charger. Users can conveniently carry it around, which certainly is a massive step ahead into an optimal collaborative environment.

    Other qualities SmartMarker Basic Interactive System has include its long battery time and the large workspace it lends to users. The battery holds for exactly the same time period as advertised by eBeam, which is a true sign of professionalism. Moreover, the workspace is larger than many interactive whiteboards available in the markets, so owning this piece of equipment is an advantage over them in terms of workspace allocation.

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  • Brochure
  • Demo

    • Smartmarker Sensor
    • Smartmarker Wireless Dongle
    • Marker Sleeve
    • EXPO Marker (Black)
    • 2 Sensor Mounting Plates & 3M Adhesive Strips
    • 3m Data Sync Power Charging Cable
    • USB Power Adapter
    • 3 International Power Adapters
    • User Manual
    • Quick Start Guide

    Q: How can the user set up the eBeam SmartMarker Interactive system?

    A: It is extremely easy to set up the eBeam SmartMarker Interactive system, the user only needs to power it through a USB port and attach it on either side of the board.


    Q: Which surface is ideal for the Interactive System?

    A: The Interactive System can be set up on any flat and rigid surface.


    Q: Can I share my work with other people not present in the room?

    A: Yes! The innovative sharing feature of eBeam Interactive System allows users to share content over internet with anyone all over the world. 


    Q: Can I use an ordinary board marker on the Interactive System?

    A: Yes! With eBeam SmartMarker, the users can easily write using the markers easily available in the market.


    Q: Do I get a warranty with this product?

    A: The eBeam SmartMarker Interactive System comes with a 3 – year warranty.

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