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eBeam Edge+ Wireless Interactive System

eBeam SmartMarker Basic Interactive System

eBeam SmartMarker Basic Interactive System

eBeam Edge+ Complete Interactive System

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Single-Touch (Pen) 60'' - 96'' Wireless Ultrasound/ Infrared Projection with Included Dry Erase Markers
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  • The Edge+ Sensor uses the state of the art ultrasound & infrared tracking technology and provides connectivity options ranging from USB to wireless data transfer. A single 3-hour charge provides 8 hours of continuous use. The onboard 4GB memory is more than enough to cater all one’s storage needs.
  • Edge+ Wireless Dongle provides the interface to interact with the screen in real time without the hassle of being tangled in wires.
  • Edge+ LCD/LED Display Bracket is a handy tool to make sure that the LCD/LED stays safe and mounted properly to provide an easy access to interact with it.
  • The 2 Edge+ Styluses provided in the package are a state of the art light weight stylus that gives 15 hours on a single 3-hour charge
  • The Marker Pack Sleeve is a rechargeable device that takes 2 hours to fully charge giving 8 hours of use from a single charge
  • Project lessons, capture content, edit and distribute.
  • Motivate students by bringing them to the board to use a fun learning tool.
  • Deepen understanding of subjects by utilizing content resources.
  • Connect with students of all learning styles.
  • Create an archive of lessons for reuse and reinforcement of concepts.
  • Scale whiteboard space from small to large without paying more.
  • Comes with a 2-year general warranty (may be different in specific countries)


eBeam Edge+ brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming the classroom or meeting room into a dynamic and fully interactive environment. Content can be projected, captured, edited and even distributed easily. Stream anything written or drawn on the whiteboard or surface with regular dry-erase markers. Use the Display Bracket to make just about any LED or LCD screen interactive. Colleagues can focus, participate and collaborate easily. The Marker Pack includes a large eraser, four marker sleeves, and a multi-charge cradle that charges the 4 sleeves and sensor at the same time.

Easy To Connect

The eBeam Edge+ device comes with several connectivity options integrated within its design and allows users to transfer data from USB to even wireless for utmost ease during operations.

Comfortable to use stylus with eBeam Edge+

eBeam Edge+ comes with not one, but 2 Edge+ Styluses! Each Stylus has a 15 hour long incredible battery that is achievable on a single 3-hour charge.

Better Interactivity, More Engagement with eBeam Edge+

eBeam Edge+  is one of the greatest tools currently available in the entire market across the globe to motivate students and increase overall participation in the classroom through enabling teachers to provide compelling and engaging lessons.


Save It to Play It Later

eBeam Edge+ complete interactive system comes integrated with the ability to create archives of lessons for reuse and reinforcement of concepts. This is an incredibly handy feature that can be used to help students during revision week and can also be sent to absentees.

eBeam Edge+ long Warranty!

EBeam Edge+ is backed with a brilliant 2- year warranty! The users can be entirely carefree about the device and use it to its maximum potential for a long pe

Basic Attributes
Product NameeBeam Edge+ Complete Interactive System
Number of Touch Inputs1
Touch InterfaceUSB, Wireless
Surface TypeAny Flat Surface
Projection Range (Inches)60 - 96
Aspect Ratio4:3
Input MethodStylus
Touch Sensing TechnologyInfrared, Ultrasound
Operating SystemWindows XP or higher, OS 10.6 or higher, Linux Ubuntu 10.04/12.04, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS) or above
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)1.65 x 8 x 0.0
Warranty2 years
Power RequirementUSB, AAA Batteries
Included SoftwareeBeam Education Software
Included AccessoriesIncludes: eBeam Edge+ USB and Rechargeable Stylus, 5m USB cable, 2 mounting plates, 4 stylus nibs, USB charging cable for Stylus, LCD bracket, eBeam software to download
Country of OriginUnited States
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  • eBeam Edge+ Brochure
  • eBeam Edge+ Demo Video

    • eBeam Edge Plus Wireless
    • Plug and Play Wireless Adapter
    • Rechargeable Stylus
    • 5m USB cable
    • 2 mounting plates
    • 4 stylus nibs
    • USB charging cable for Stylus
    • eBeam software to download
    • Quick setup guide

    Q: How can the user set up eBeam Edge+?

    A: The eBeam Edge+ Complete Interactive System should be placed either on the far right or left side of the projected image. The device needs to be centered vertically and must be parallel to the edge of the image. Furthermore, there has to be a 2-inch space between the receiver and projected image.


    Q: What are the requirements for eBeam data conference?

    A: All you need is to be on an Ethernet network using TCP/IP protocols and have a valid IP address. For those not possessing an eBeam device, participation in the meeting is still possible through installing the eBeam software


    Q: How to attach eBeam Edge+ Complete Interactive System to the whiteboard?

    A: The eBeam Edge can be either be attached to the whiteboard using the Command Adhesive backing or if the board is magnetized, it can be directly attached to the surface. Note: The former is a more permanent than the latter.  


    Q: What are the minimum system requirements for eBeam Edge+ Complete Interactive System?

    A: For Windows: It has to be compatible PC with Pentium™ IV, has a 1.4 GHz+ processor and 1 GB RAM, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and finally a 100 MB available hard drive space.

    For Macintosh: It needs to have a Power PC®/ Intel™, a 1.4 GHz+ processor and 1G RAM, OS X 10.5 through 10.6+ and last but not the least, a 100Mb available hard drive space.


    Q: Which type of whiteboard will be best suited for eBeam Edge+ Complete Interactive System?

    A: Though the eBeam Edge+ Complete Interactive System is compatible with most if not all whiteboards, it is important to ensure that the whiteboard is neither too recessed into a frame nor too thick which would disrupt the ultrasonic waves emitting out of the device, and that the surface is rigid enough to activate the pen.

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