Clarus XS Go! Mobile Glassboard

Clarus XS Go! Mobile Glassboard

Clarus M Go! Mobile Glassboard

Clarus M Go! Mobile Glassboard

Clarus S Go! Mobile Glassboard

A 60 x 54 Inch double sided glassboard with rigid steel frame, available in 150 standard colors and an option of magnetic and non-magnetic finish
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  • Dimension of 60” x 54” 
  • Modern look with enhanced portability
  • Clarus Opti – Clear polish ensures convenient cleaning
  • Compatible with all kinds of markers
  • Stain and scratch resistant glass
  • Gives complete freedom to users for customization
  • Connect 3 Glassboards with the Go! Hub
  • Aesthetic design allows creation of separate privacy zones in a single room
  • Allows custom printing of logos and backgrounds


The Clarus S Go! Mobile Glassboard is an innovative collaborative solution for your business, school or any other environment where written communication is integral for operations. It has an extremely attractive and functional design which significantly increases the productivity of a workplace. The Clarus GO! features an extremely strong and scratch resistant Glassboard which is compatible with every single marker available in the market. Clarus guarantees that no matter what is used to write on the surface of the Clarus S Mobile Glassoard, it will be wiped away with a single stroke. This easy cleaning feature is one of the mains reasons of Clarus’s popularity in market.

Aesthetic and Functional!!!

The Clarus S! Mobile Glassboard has an extremely attractive design which is made to enhance the professional look of the office it is placed in.  

Customize Your Clarus Glassboard

Clarus allows users to customize every aspect of their Glassboards. From changing the colour of the glass to the shade of the casters, every single part is customized to perfectly fit the requirements of the users. The only limit to the design of Clarus Mobile Glassboards is the customer’s imagination!

Enhanced Durability with The Clarus S! Mobile Glassboard

The resilient and robust Glassboard is scratch and stain resistant which makes it suitable for a large variety of environments. This Glassboard is about 5 times stronger than an average glass and can last the life of your wall.

Basic Attributes
Product NameClarus S Go! Mobile Glassboard
Surface TypeDry Erase
Additional FeaturesFully customizable, Stainless glass surface, 13 frames options, Three or four wheel option, Clarus Opti-Clear Polish
Glassboard Size (Feet)5 x 4.5
Frame MaterialSteel
Input MethodDry/Wet Erase Markers
Double Sided GlassYes
ColorOver 150 Standard Colors
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)54 x 60
Warranty10 years
Included AccessoriesN/A
Country of OriginUnited States
Ship costN/A
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Clarus Go! S Glassboard

  • Weight (Non-Magnetic): 122 lbs three wheels, 128 lbs four wheels
  • Weight (Magnetic):152 lbs three wheels, 158 lbs four wheels
  • Dimensions: 60″w x 54″h