Clarus 4 x 10 Float Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 10 Float Glassboard

Clarus 1.5 x 2 Healthboard Glassboard

Clarus 1.5 x 2 Healthboard Glassboard

Clarus Flip Glassboard

A 4 x 1.94 fully customized double sided dry erase available in 13 different colors and an aluminum frame
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  • An innovative 48'’ x 23'’ glassboard with rotating panel 
  • Available in more than 150 different colors
  • Magnetic glass surface
  • Choose from 5 available panel designs or create your own
  • Effective noise reduction with about 40% increase in the noise reduction coefficient
  • Double sided glass is also available
  • Clarus Felt panel made from thermo – pressed PET and has a tackable surface
  • All mounting hardware included in the packing

The Clarus Flip Glassboard is the newest addition that has created a storm in the glassboard market. It is an innovative solution that combines elegance and aesthetics without compromising at all on the functionality. This modern glassboard comes with a magnetic glass surface on one side and noise reducing panels on the other. These acoustical panels effectively increase the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) by 40% and are available in 5 attractive designs along with the option of custom designs to give users the freedom of defining the workplace in any way they want.

For a classroom with limited space, the Clarus Flip comes with double sided glass surface, which can be conveniently rotated by the teachers, for an effective lesson where teachers do not feel confined by the space on the board. The noise reducing feature also helps in improving the quality of the lessons as the chances of students getting distracted from outside noise gets significantly reduced.

Introducing Flip; the Most Elegant Option by Clarus

The Clarus Flip Glassboard is a combination of a Glassboard and an attractive acoustical panel with custom prints, patterns and colors on both sides. The magnetic glass is packed in an extremely strong frame of anodized Aluminum with different premium powder – coat finishes.

Choose your Favorite Color for Your Clarus Glassboard!

The Clarus Flip Glassboard comes in over 150 different colors and gives users the freedom of printing their own custom design logo on both sides of the Glassboard.

A Sophisticated Writing Surface with Noise Reduction

Clarus Flip allows both sides of a Clarus Board to be custom designed to increase the aesthetic nature without any compromise on the functionality. The users can enhance their space in any way they want with complete freedom. The acoustical panels effectively insulate the room from sound which makes it ideal for classrooms as it reduces the chance of students being distracted from outside noise.  

Incredible Design with Unmatched Freedom with The Clarus Flip Glassboard!

Clarus Felt panels offer incredible design options that are inspired by the design trends in Europe. Users also have the freedom of creating their own design to customize the room in any they want. Each panel is made from premium, 100% recycled acoustical PET material. These panels reduce noise in open work-spaces and are tackable for function. 

Basic Attributes
Product NameClarus Flip Glassboard
Surface TypeDry Erase
Additional FeaturesFully customizable, ColorDrop custom graphics, Clarus Felt, Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .8 to 1.1, 100% Recycled material, Recyclable, Any size up to 72” × 144"
Glassboard Size (Feet)4 x 1.94
Frame MaterialAluminum
Input MethodDry/Wet Erase Markers
Double Sided GlassYes
ColorOver 150 Standard Colors
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)48 x 23.3 x 0.47
Warranty10 years
Included AccessoriesAll mounting hardware
Country of OriginUnited States
Ship cost225.0000
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All mounting hardware