Clarus 4 x 6 Surround Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 6 Surround Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 10 Surround Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 10 Surround Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 8 Surround Glassboard

A 4 x 8 anodized aluminum frame compatible with any Clarus Float and Healthboard glassboard
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  • 4’ x 8’ dimensions
  • Perfectly defines the working space
  • Beautifully highlights your Clarus Board
  • Accentuates the Clarus Board with a unique set of colors
  • Constructed from premium powder coated aluminum
  • Enhanced durability due to powder coating
  • Long life
  • Free from rust and corrosion
  • Environment friendly and light weight


Surround is the perfect option your dress your Clarus glassboard. Surround perfectly helps to adorn your glassboard in your workspace. Coming with an amazing collection of 13 carefully chosen colors, it allows the function and form to perfectly complement each other. In a busy day at your workplace or during that important lecture, briefing or presentation, you might not want to overwrite content from your glassboard onto your wall. Surround helps you to avoid just that by containing and literally ‘surrounding’ your writing space. In addition, Surround perfectly complements your glassboard and accentuates it in the workplace thereby easily drawing everyone’s attention.

Embellish your Workplace with Clarus Surround

With its unique collection of 13 different colors, Surround helps you to adorn your float glass board with your desired colored scheme enabling you to enhance the aesthetic quality of your workplace.

Lightweight Glassboard Frame

Making use of the low weight properties of aluminum, Surround frames come as lightweight as they get, increasing the mobility and easy carriage of your float glass board and Surround assembly.

Perfect for your Glassboard

Your Clarus float glassboard is nothing short of marvel of art and every art piece deserves a beautiful frame. The Surround frame just does that by perfectly complementing your glassboards.

Basic Attributes
Product NameClarus 4 x 8 Surround Glassboard
Additional FeaturesCompatibe with any Clarus Float and Healthboard glassboard, Any size up to 72” × 144"
Glassboard Size (Feet)4 x 8
Frame MaterialPowder-coated aluminum
Input MethodN/A
Double Sided GlassNo
ColorAvailable in 13 standard colors
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)48 x 96 x 0.25
Warranty10 years
Country of OriginUnited States
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