Clarus 4 x 10 Surround Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 10 Surround Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 8 Healthboard Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 8 Healthboard Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 6 Healthboard Glassboard

A 4 x 6 feet fully customizable glassboard with Float and Depth glassboard mounting options
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  • 4’ x 6’ glass frame 
  • Compatible with all markers
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Aesthetically superior
  • Durable and resilient body
  • Brings personality to the hospital room
  • Improves patient-doctor communication drastically
  • Illustrative design to overcome language barriers between communications
  • ColorDrop technology to create desired layouts

The Clarus Healthboard Glassboard is an extraordinary choice for every healthcare facility that requires the hospital room to have a modern and futuristic outlook. The Healthboard is extremely durable and has an extremely long lifespan. The Clarus Glassbaord completely revolutionizes patient-doctor communication by the incorporation of ColorDrop technology along with a separate printing system for customizing the interface both permanently and temporarily. The Healthboard also has the ability of displaying illustrations about critical healthcare info pertaining to patients’ health. The Clarus Glassboard also eliminates any communication gap that might appear due to language barrier between doctor and patients. Furthermore the need to write down vital info time and again as in the case of contemporary whiteboards is removed because information and illustration can be saved in the storage facility. For maintaining a healthy, germ free and cleaner environment, the Clarus Healthboard Glassboard comes with an anti-bacterial surface which makes it an ideal glassboard for any healthcare facility.

Clarus Healthboards: An Eco – Friendly Choice!

Clarus Healthboard is made of environment friendly and recycled material that makes it the best option for those who care about the environment. The manufacturers ensure that during the production of the Glassboard, any action that has an adverse effect on our environment should not be taken.

Glassboards with the Most Attractive Design

The Clarus Glassboard has an extremely attractive design that allows it to completely change the overall impression of any room by giving it a more futuristic and ultramodern look.

An ideal Glassboard for Hospitals

The Clarus Healthboard Glassboard is completely safe for the hospital room as it comes with eased corners for safety, is lightweight and has surface capable of maintain a clean and antimicrobial surface.

Basic Attributes
Product NameClarus 4 x 6 Healthboard Glassboard
Surface TypeDry Erase
Additional FeaturesFully customizable, ColorDrop print technology, Bacteria resistant writing surface, Optional surface finish, Depth and Float glassboard mounting options, Any size up to 72” × 144", 50 templates or supply your own design
Glassboard Size (Feet)4 x 6
Frame MaterialN/A
Input MethodDry/Wet Erase Markers
Double Sided GlassNo
ColorOver 150 Standard Colors
Warranty10 years
Included AccessoriesSize 8 Screw, Drywall Anchors, Wall Brackets
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Size 8 Screw, Drywall Anchors, Wall Brackets