Clarus 4 x 8 Float Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 8 Float Glassboard

Clarus Flip Glassboard

Clarus Flip Glassboard

Clarus 4 x 10 Float Glassboard

A 4 x 10 fully customized dry erase board with TruMount multi-directional concealed mounting
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  • 4’ x 8’ Glassboard with concealed mounts
  • 1/4 thick tampered glass, can outlast your wall
  • Compatible with any marker
  • Stain and Scratch resistant surface
  • All mounting hardware is concealed
  • Available in different colors
  • Print the logo of your company on the surface
  • Smooth corners for safety


The Clarus Float Glassboard is a great choice for corporate meeting room, offices, classrooms and collaborative spaces due to a myriad of specifications that ensure the best overall experience for the users. The Glassboard is 1/4’ thick and strong enough to last an extremely long time. In comparison with the average glass, the Clarus glass surface is about 5 times stronger and has a scratch resistant coating, which keeps the product as good as new even after a period of rough use. The Glassboard is also compatible with any marker available in the market and comes with a guarantee that nothing will ever leave a stain on the glass surface. Clarus knows that not every business is the same and the requirements of a customer can vary, that’s why customers are free to imbed a design of their own choice on the Glassboard. It can be your company’s logo or anything else; there are no restrictions for you! You can also choose your favorite color from the 150 different colors offered by the manufacturers. Furthermore, the Glassboard also features smooth corners as a safety precaution, which makes it an ideal choice for a classroom with small children.

Enhanced Durability with the Clarus Glassboard

The Clarus Glassboard has an extremely resilient glass which is scratch and stain resistant. When compared to the average glass, the tampered glass of Clarus is 4 to 5 times stronger. It also fits on strong stainless steel mounts that keep the glass away from the wall. This durable Glassboard is strong enough to outlast the wall.

The Best Glassboard Experience

With the Clarus Glassboard, the users get the best overall experience in any environment. It comes equipped with several specifications such as smoothly shaped edges that make it an ideal choice for classrooms.

Clarus Float Glassboard Available in Your Favorite Color!

The Clarus Float comes in over 150 different colors and gives users the freedom of printing their own custom design logo on the glassboard.


Basic Attributes
Product NameClarus 4 x 10 Float Glassboard
Surface TypeDry Erase
Additional FeaturesFully customizable shape and color, colorDrop, TruMount, Made with eco-friendly and recycleable material, Any size up to 72” × 144"
Glassboard Size (Feet)4 x 10
Frame MaterialN/A
Input MethodDry/Wet Erase Markers
Double Sided GlassNo
ColorOver 150 Standard Colors
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)48 x 120 x 0.25
Warranty10 years
Included AccessoriesSize 8 Screw, Drywall Anchors, Wall Brackets
Country of OriginUnited States
Ship costN/A
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  • Size 8 Screw
  • Drywall Anchors
  • Wall Brackets