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Interactive Portable Devices

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Interactive Portable Devices

Interactive Portable Devices meet modern day communication needs in an elegant fashion. Reducing the collaborator’s technological needs to a single, portable device, they augment people who are constantly on the move. With the facility to interact with colleagues anytime, host video conferences, and fully participate in a whiteboarding session anytime and anywhere, they are absolute lifesavers for busy professionals

Interactive Portable Devices

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What are interactive portable devices?

Interactive portable devices / interactive systems are handy gadgets that can be used to create an interactive environment anywhere without the need of any heavy or expensive equipment. The interactive portable devices have the ability of turning any flat surface into an interactive one. These interactive devices are easy to carry around due to their light weight and are imbedded with state of the art sensors that allow users to operate them like any standard interactive whiteboard.

Interactive systems are especially useful in environments where full scale equipment cannot be installed, such as schools, and also particularly helpful to those who are always on the go and often require communication and interaction with people, for examples participate in presentations and meeting while being away from the office.

Following are some of the benefits of using interactive portable devices:

  • Have minimal bulk and are easy to carry around anywhere without any hassle.
  • Require minimal effort to operate and do not need any assembling or other equipment.
  • Can be used to turn any flat surface into an interactive screen.
  • In built software allows access to internet.
  • In built software provides an easy to use graphic user interface.
  • Compatible with Windows, linux and Mac.
  • Can be easily installed to any surface.
  • Comes with all the benefits of an interactive whiteboard.
  • Most of the interactive portable devices are plug and play

Interactive Portable Devices Provide Convenience On The Go!

Interactive Portable Devices just have to be attached to any flat surface in order to operate. Most of the models come with magnetic holds and an adhesive surface that allows them to easily stick anywhere. The Interactive systems usually come with a stylus that can be easily used to navigate across the screen and also control and the content. Some manufacturers even allow you to use your fingers as stylus and the built in sensors track the position and perform various functions respectively. Access to the internet allows you to hold video conferences and also share content directly from the internet.

Just Plug and Play

With Interactive systems, users do not need to go through a tiresome setup procedure. They have plug n play capabilities, and come with a rechargeable battery which enhances your freedom! You do not have to worry about finding a socket whenever you use your device. Moreover, interactive systems sometimes have built in projector sensors that track the position of the stylus pen or your fingers. They also have built in memory so you can conveniently save your presentations and files.

Why Do You Need an Interactive Portable Device?

Not all places have the facility of interactive boards or screens and sometimes installing them in certain areas is not feasible because of a lot of issues like high maintenance cost and security reasons. Instead you can carry portable interactive devices anywhere easily and not worry about anything. The various built in functions and the unmatched compatibility of Interactive Systems allows you to use them anywhere without any hassle.

One time investment

Interactive portable devices can be used as many times as you want and you can get the latest software updates so that you have the best functionality at your hands. As portable interactive systems do not require any unique external hardware, the cost of creating an interactive environment significantly reduces. The portability feature also allows you to have only one device for a lot of classes instead of installing an Interactive setup in every room, which would obviously be more expensive.