A video wall display is a large undertaking, but bigger is better. We discuss the benefits that a video wall will bring to the organization a video wall is no wallflower, but if the user is trying to get a particular message across - whether for advertising, selling or information display – chances are they want a solution that does a lot of the leg work for them. Traditionally used in command and control applications, video walls are increasingly making the transition from mission control to commercial spaces, and are now frequently cropping up in corporate, leisure and retail applications. Businesses and institutions are increasingly turning to video walls for effective communications in reception areas, conference rooms and public spaces. Integrated with digital signage software , a video wall can display real-time data from any data source to create targeted, engaging messages. Video walls can easily be transformed into a multi-touch surface to deliver a unique interactive experience. Let the staff, customers and visitors engage with information like never before with this fully interactive installation. Implement with smartphones and tablets to create a heightened social experience. A bright, clear image is crucial for a video display. Whether being viewed by a workforce interpreting on-screen information, or by customers casually glancing at digital signage in a retail environment, images must be sufficiently bright so that content will be clear and easy to decipher. Most flat panels and projection cubes have internal scalers that allow a single image to be stretched across a tiled array. This may be suitable for applications that only use videowalls for displaying a single, large image. For applications requiring simultaneous presentation of multiple image sources, a simple solution is to feed sources directly to individual displays in the videowall. A switcher, distribution amplifier, or matrix switcher can be used to provide flexibility in distributing signals to the displays. Video walls have indeed made an impact on the marketing industry and it sure is to rise to the point where we eliminate the conventional boards with video walls.