To describe video conferencing in just one word, without a doubt that word is “versatile”. Everyone knows video is an amazing connection and collaboration tool. But perhaps video conferencing’s greatest quality is its chameleon-like ability to adapt to an ever-changing work environment. Today’s top companies are going beyond the “special occasion” use of video conferencing systems for board room gatherings and important meetings. They’re using video in a variety of ways in their everyday work to increase efficiency, cut costs and boost productivity. The workload and cost of establishing such a system has gone so low in recent years that it seems reasonable to add this valuable system to any business or learning environment, since it jump starts the creative process by sharing screens to conduct design reviews or collaborative learning of everything the team creates, from software prototypes, marketing campaigns to learning new concepts in class and more. The screen sharing feature enables to show anything early and often without the hassle of emails and uploads. A true time-saver! video conferencing also gives the ability to gain instant feedback and make changes on the spot. Since saving time and cutting cost is of paramount importance many companies now opt for video conferencing to conduct tasks which previously required a person’s physical presence but now this fast and efficient technique has made video interviews make finding great hires and eliminating unqualified candidates a quick and cost-effective experience for everyone involved. Furthermore, it enables the recruiting teams to expand their search to areas with deep talent pools without blowing their travel budget. In the corporate sector video conferencing has become a popular feature of quality enterprise business solutions, by integrating video conferencing services with enterprise systems, employees are finding new and unique ways to run virtual meetings that go beyond traditional methods. In conclusion, video conferencing has opened many new vistas to explore, and has drastically changed lives for the good.