When you think of video conferencing, you probably would imagine a webcam that enables businesses to reap the benefits of video conferencing to save time, travel expense, and in return improve communication with clients leading to increased sales and productivity.

For professional web conferencing you would need to obtain a high resolution camera with specification that meets your conferencing needs with auto focus, built in micro phones which should be compatible with operating system as well as low on your pocket.

Combining all these qualities VDO 360 PTZH-01 video conferencing camera is unarguable the best choice for small group meetings, medium size training sessions, executive level offices looking for highly professional video conferencing view. Vdo360 is small enough to fit in almost anywhere and its variety of quality features and unbeatable price range gives an edge over other webcams available in the market.

More than a Webcam

Good things comes in small packages – this USB HD PTZH01 Camera is made to provide you sharp and vivid HD plug and play video by the USB port of your computer. This unique pan tilt zoom camera with FPF system allows you to quickly zoom and focus closely on your presentation with its large pan zoom and considered to be the best adaptive camera around.

VDO 360 Is the perfect computer solution for a software codes with its award winning VPTZH01 optical zoom, it is the only web camera having 12x optical zooming capacity (ranging up to 300 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical), which is a lot for a webcam along a 2.0 USB. Nowadays, optical zoom in webcam is highly demanding for better zooming capacity to focus on every single detail during a web based session or videoconferences. The powerful camera VDO 360 reaches or captures every area and covers minor details of any presentation or training sessions with no difficulty. This is because optical web camera handles the actions of video conferencing process much better then other webcams, providing smoother image with better quality. PTZH01 camera is also controllable with other ports or with given RS-232 input and multi functional infrared remote control covering effective distance of 7meters.


If you are planning to get a web cam, it’s highly recommended to purchase VDO360 video conferencing camera with bundle of features one could not let go off. It’s a webcam one always looks for that meets your personal and corporate needs and budget.