1. Innovative Technology of Touchscreen Whiteboards

    The world is progressing at a rapid pace with the advent of novel technologies, which have made sharing of information, ideas, and concepts much convenient. One of the most prominent technologies among these is the interactive touchscreen whiteboard, which facilitates people in various walks of life ranging from business settings, construction projects, public places, as well as educational institutions. Touchscreen whiteboards are a reformed version of traditional whiteboards with built-in multi-touch sensing technology and several distinct attributes, which take interactivity to the next level. Instilled with advanced software, high definition resolution image, quick response speed, and large sized LCD screen; Touchscreen whiteboard provides users with the significant outcome of any task.  

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  2. Would You Use a Touch Screen Monitor?

    Previously, traditional monitors were frequently in use in personal computers for various purposes, but now touch screen monitors are replacing these traditional monitors. Touch screen monitors are way more complicated than the traditional monitors. They have very design and functions. Touch screen monitors are active devices whereas traditional monitors are passive devices. 

    The design of the touch screen monitors is in such a way that they display an information from the PC onto the whiteboard. Moreover, they have to send the information back to the PC, unlike the traditional screen that simply had to display the information. Touch screen monitors send information back to the PC via a USB cable. These innovative monitors have other different features from like resolution, screen size, type of technology they use (IPS, LED, etc.), brightness, numb

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  3. Interactive Touch Screens - Innovative Solutions

    Every teacher wants to improve the standard of teaching by getting the best out of every student. Modern day teachers want to teach students in a way to improve their learning abilities. These days, every classroom, whether it is a university or kindergarten school, has interactive touch screens or white boards.

    Interactive touch screens are much easier to use than projectors or traditional monitors. You can easily slide the screen up and down using your fingers. You do not need any additional device. Students can access information in a better way. Touch screens are sensitive to any pressure applied to them. They detect any external pressure applied to their surface.

    You can simply make an interaction with the interactive touch screen by using your fingers. Just touch the data on the screen with your fingers. The data can be any information like text or pictures or v

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  4. Pros and Cons of touch screen monitors

    Touch screens are the latest addition in the world of technology. It has become a new trend to work using a touching device. These light emitting diode (LED) screens considered an ideal tool for the business and for personal use. Monitors with touch screens are valuable for various reasons. However, there are few shortcomings as well that a touch screen possesses. There is a dire need to be aware of pros and cons of a monitor with a touch screen before making any investment over it.

    Pros & Cons

    Let us have a look at the pros and cons of touch screens.


    The user needs to be very close to a monitor’s screen because he has to touch the screen

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  5. Starboard Interactive Touch Screen Display

    Interactive touch screen devices have taken the market by storm. They are used almost everywhere for different purposes. They are useful for business related activities, in schools and universities for teaching students, for giving presentations, in hospitals, in airports for displaying schedule of flights, in super markets for billing system etc. Interactive touch screens have this ability to change an ordinary thing into an interactive one. Starboard interactive touch screen display is one of the interactive device used widely.

    Noteworthy Features of Starboard Interactive Touch Screen Display

    Starboard interactive touch screen display can connect to your laptop or compu

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  6. Things to Remember Before Buying a Touch Screen

    It is really an exhausting task to purchase a touch screen for the first time. Usually, the buyers do not have enough information about the device they are going to purchase. They do not know the questions they should ask before buying a touch screen. A buyer of a touch screen gets confused in the same way as a buyer of a house. Therefore, here are some important steps that a buyer should follow before purchasing a touch screen.

    Think What You Want

    The most important thing is to make a list of your priorities. It includes the selection of features, specifications, and models. You have to decide the space that will be suitable for the touch screen. The numbers of classrooms that are in need of touch screens. What is the dimension of every room? What is

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  7. How to Use Interactive Touchscreens

    Interactive touch screens are in use by the people from around the world. People consider them as both input and output devices that have layers on an electronic visual display. With the multi touch gesture, users can keep a hold on the information processing system. Interactive touch screens also work with the help of a stylus or pen. Some touchscreens require you to wear coated gloves for proper working.

    Users can view things on a touch screen. They can react to the things displayed on the screen. If there is a software that allows them to control what and how it displays, they can manipulate the displayed information. For example, zooming in and zooming out to change the size of the information. Instead of using a touch pad or a mouse, interactive touchscreens allow you to interact with the screen directly.

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  8. How Smart Boards and Portable Document Cameras Work Together

    A smart board and portable document camera can work together for effective lessons and classroom learning. The smart board is the most useful piece of instructional technology since the overhead projector. An interactive whiteboard enhances the way you train, teach, meet, and present. We can use it in combination with a projector or LCD for operating all the functions on the computer.

    A Smart Board is Intelligent

    The smart board can automatically recognize the color of dry erase pen that you are using. It will not ask you to press buttons or use specific buttons. The moment you pick a pen out of its tray, its board automatically corrects its color. The surface of the board performs an excellent job to act as an interactive screen for an LCD projector. We can easily see the image from the projector in a well-lit room. We can also type text on the

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  9. Why Organizations Should Integrate Interactive Screens and Whiteboards into Their System

    Listed below are the various reasons an organization or business should adopt the Interactive Touchscreens or Interactive Whiteboards, also known as Smartboards.

    1.     Interactive Touch Screens Can Reduce Operational Costs of Business

    Online shopping has made shopping fast and easy. It combines different online retailers that normally require users to log in to their account where all their personal information along with search/purchase history is saved. In comparison, walking in to an actual retail outlet is a more tiring process. Interactive touchscreens are able to deliver a personalized service to new customers every day.

    2.     Interactive Touch Screen Enhance Customer Service

    Touch screen kiosks are able to execute a large range of tasks re

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