Collaborators of today are putting forward more and more demands by the day, simply because interactivity and collaborative communication has become an inseparable part of our lives. There is a growing need felt by every organization to revisit their communication methods and encourage their people to work as members of a single unit, where every individual augments others.

This rapidly changing environment leads to the aforementioned demands that the collaborative communication industry is receiving. Developers are expected to research better media that is more user-friendly, functional, and affordable for the masses.  The intense competition that has developed as a result of this race holds several benefits for the general population. People are constantly witnessing the release of improved products and get to take advantage of all the benefits they carry.

Hitachi has always been a front runner in this technological race. The latest addition it has introduced to markets is being deemed as the onset of a new trend in collaborative communication markets, since this functional product incorporates state of the art features to give users an unprecedented interaction experience. The Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E2 Interactive Whiteboard is everything one can imagine. The general characteristics include a large 79” touchscreen panel with a breathtaking display, a sturdy wall mount, and a durable metallic body.

However, this is just the normal part of FX-79E2. What separates it from the rest is its intuitiveness and ease of use for the end user. It is made compatible with virtually every OS being currently used, including Windows, Linux, and MAC. The collaboration software support, StarBoard, is a great interface for multi-user interaction. One can browse the internet and manage their files properly via this amazing software, making whiteboarding sessions a pleasure for participants. Moreover, the Hitachi StarBoard series is recognized as one of the most versatile as well. This single touchscreen display is all you would need in an environment to introduce interactivity. Let’s see how it can transform a classroom.

The classroom has long been a major user of such collaborative communication products. The StarBoard FX-79E2 can be installed in classrooms to create an interactive learning environment. Teachers can conduct a number of group activities in the class where students collaborate to solve a problem. Educational interactive games can be played so students learn as they have fun, all the while furthering their interests in going to school. In addition to this, teachers get the facility to connect the touchscreen to their students’ devices, enabling them to deliver lectures at a more personal level.

And education is just one application. This interactive touchscreen by Hitachi is used by business firms, governments, conference halls etc. Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E2 Interactive Whiteboard is undoubtedly a definite step ahead and is a must for every professional aiming for optimized operations and collaboration.