1. Most Popular Interactive Whiteboard Types

    White board is an indispensable device for students. It has become a need for everyone who wants to enhance their productivity. It is easy to present and organize the stuff on the board.  White board is a great tool for the presentation of ideas in the offices. It is easy to write on it and easy to erase the stuff that you don’t want with you. Due to these advantages and demand for whiteboards, there are different types of interactive whiteboards available in the market. These interactive whiteboards are available in attractive styles, different features, and sizes. Here is a list of few interactive whiteboards that are the best for you.

    Triumph Board 89 (6 Touches)

    Triumph board 89 is an interactive whiteboard that is available with the touch display. Simultaneously six users can use

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  2. The Use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

    We are living in an age of technology where everything is in the process of evolution. Everyone wants the quick results with less effort. It can be possible only with the use of new discoveries in the world of Technology. Technology has made our lives so easy for us whether we are at home, office or school. Gone are the days when a teacher uses the black board and chalk for teaching in the class. Now, Interactive Whiteboards are there in place of black boards. The use of Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom has become essential.

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  3. What is a Smart Board?

    With the latest technology introduced every day and with the passage of time, human life has become quite easy and dependent on these technologies. A smart board is one of the technologies used to make our lives easier. A smart board is just like an ordinary white board but powered to a computer. A smart board is a tool for a business and organization. It helps them to make collaborative interactions with the opposite party.

    Use of technology like smart board can solve many teaching problems. You can engage a large group of students on a single screen and you can provide them a visually better education. However, the use of technology does not solve all the problems related to teaching. It can only help if you use it properly.

    You should know where and how you

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