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  1. Why do we need collaborative communication in our lives?

    The human race has undoubtedly seen the most number of changes in the last few years than ever, owing to the technological advancements and globalization it is witness to. This definitely isn’t a bad thing; everything ever invented has been for the sole purpose of facilitating people and giving them a means to perform better than before. However, it surely calls for some major changes in our ways of living. Unless we don’t adapt to today, we cannot move ahead and others will take the lead.
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  2. How interactive touchscreens are helping us excel

    Interactive touchscreens are arguably a definite part of modern day collaborative communication technology, a building block in every plan and idea that we see changing our lives for the better. Since they’ve hit the markets, touchscreens have affected our way of living drastically to the point that every important task that takes place now is in some way dependent on this communication medium.
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  3. Smartboards: The gateway towards modernization

    Whiteboards, as convenient as they have been over the decades, have slowly become obsolete over the last few years. They have become unable to keep up with the advancement in technology and the integration of superior machinery in our daily lives. Hence, the incorporation of SmartBoards in any sort of working environment is now a necessity for an organization to become more efficient.

    Interactive smartboards comes incorporated with the latest tech to provide an immersive user experience with projectors and touch sensors, as well as both single and multi-touch capacities. SmartBoard is the best platform for the user to express their ideas.

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  4. Microsoft Surface Hub Interactive Touchscreen Display

    Microsoft Surface Hub interactive touchscreen display is questionably a trend setter with all its top quality components and those remarkable specs. Some specifications include a wide 55” or 84” touchscreen, 100 point multi-touch, and stunning 4K display. Apart from being highly demandable qualities, these specifications coming in a Microsoft product are bound to give an out of this world experience to users.

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  5. OneScreen Hubware H4 Interactive Touchscreen Display

    Collaboration is becoming an increasingly important part of every life now-a-days. It is necessary for everyone to work with others in order to achieve results. Professionals need to work as a team to be able to run an organization properly and plan ahead, students cannot succeed unless they perform well in grouped class activities, while sellers need to maintain satisfactory contact with buyers and communicate with them regularly in order to yield profits.
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  6. Interactive Whiteboards: The ultimate collaboration tool

    Collaborative communication has been an integral part of our living since a long time. Human beings need to interact with each other to craft solutions that best suit their situations and environment. In recent times, we have witnessed the dawn of a completely new line of communication technologies that have been taking over rapidly due to their superior abilities and facilitation in the collaboration process.
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  7. Video Wall Displays - Benefits

    Video walls can easily be transformed into a multi-touch surface to deliver a unique interactive experience, letting the staff, customers and visitors engage with information like never before with this fully interactive installation. Because video walls are designed for maximum reliability and up-time, most have no consumable parts and require virtually no maintenance over years of operation.
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  8. Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E2 Interactive Whiteboard

    The Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E2 Interactive Whiteboard is everything one can imagine. The general characteristics include a large 79” touchscreen panel with a breathtaking display, a sturdy wall mount, and a durable metallic body.
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  9. StarBoard FX-89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard

    To start with, the StarBoard FX-89WE2 features the dream screen! With the humongous 89” display and true to life resolution, it is all set to enrich the communication experience of users. Being an interactive whiteboard, it is designed to simultaneously detect 4 touch points so more than one user can collaborate on it at the same time.

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  10. OneScreen Interactive Touchscreen Display

    This blog post discusses the products of a market leader of today, OneScreen, which has conquered all classes of the consumer market with its ingenuity. OneScreen, with focused research and innovation, has successfully comprehended customer expectations to a great deal and implemented its findings in its comprehensive product series.

    For this very reason, OneScreen Interactive Touchscreen Displays are widely considered as the best these days.

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