Microsoft is one of those companies that have always been on the forefront. Assisting people since its inception through its ingenious products and services, it certainly is nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon now that affects every life.

Noting the recent advancements and potential in the collaborative communication industry that has been booming due to intensifying competition and innovative solutions, Microsoft decided to develop and launch its own products that facilitate users in communicating within interactive environments.

And the result? Definitely as expected: fantastic. The Microsoft Surface Hub Interactive Touch Screen Display is a creative solution that has been put forth for every professional who faces communication issues and needs an interactive platform to optimize communication methods at their workplace.

Microsoft Surface Hub interactive touchscreen display is questionably a trend setter with all its top quality components and those remarkable specs. Some specifications include a wide 55” or 84” touchscreen, 100 point multi-touch, and stunning 4K display. Apart from being highly demandable qualities, these specifications coming in a Microsoft product are bound to give an out of this world experience to users.

Moving on to the collaborative features Microsoft Surface Hub offers. It enables full fledge video conferencing with participants from anywhere in the world. Its powerful internal PC module, handy conferencing hardware including 2 HD PTZ cameras, and Microsoft Skype software make sure that users do not no problems are encountered.

Then come the whiteboarding features. The versatile display of the Surface Hub Interactive Touch Screen Display can be used as a whiteboard on which people can collaborate on. The sensitive touch system and unprecedented 100 point multi-touch enrich this experience beyond measure. Multiple people can conveniently interact on a single screen in real time, devising plans and solutions to contemporary world problems. To further support collaborators, various annotation features that can be used over media are included.

Microsoft has set a high standard for its competition in the industry. Microsoft Surface Hub Interactive Touch Screen Display is bound to shake the markets and step up the competitive mood, yielding even more benefits for consumers.