Collaborative communication has been an integral part of our living since a long time. Human beings need to interact with each other to craft solutions that best suit their situations and environment. In recent times, we have witnessed the dawn of a completely new line of communication technologies that have been taking over rapidly due to their superior abilities and facilitation in the collaboration process.

This post discusses one of these technologies; in fact the very best of them: interactive whiteboards. Whiteboards have been around from decades and basically provide a space for people to write on. Interactive whiteboard developers have borrowed this simple but ingenious idea and integrated it with modern technology to bring the world the ultimate collaboration tool.

Interactive whiteboards are basically touchscreen panels, usually with attractive specifications and spectacular displays that users can write on. The main difference is they offer a much larger virtual collaboration space and a multitude of multimedia and interactive tools to further assist in the communication process. Some main qualities of interactive whiteboards are briefly discussed in the sections below.

Multi-user ability

Collaboration is the combined work of a number of individuals. What makes it successful is that method of communication they use and its potential as a multi-user platform. Interactive whiteboards are practically the ideal platforms for such work since they sport multi-touch touchscreen panels, come in sizes that allow several people to work on it simultaneously, and feature a large workspace that is enough to accommodate the notes and media of each individual as well as their collective effort.

External communication

This is one of the best facilities that interactive whiteboards offer. This lone factor has revolutionized collaborative communication around the world by connecting professionals from everywhere and letting them interact. Interactive whiteboards feature video conferencing and screen sharing abilities which means that at the same time a big audience can be covered and input from any participant may be taken right on the workspace, irrespective of their presence in the meeting room. 

Interactive tools

Interactive whiteboards make use of numerous helpful tools that play a significant role in advancing communication quality in workplaces and education institutes. Functions such as web browsing; annotation tools; and software supports like presentation software, word processing software, and lecture preparation/delivery/sharing software make jobs easier.

With interactive whiteboards in the market, collaborators need not worry about their demands not being met. The industry is under a constant process of improvement and the world is bound to see even better interactive whiteboard systems in the near future, making brainstorming and interactive work common.