Listed below are the various reasons an organization or business should adopt the Interactive Touchscreens or Interactive Whiteboards, also known as Smartboards.

1.     Interactive Touch Screens Can Reduce Operational Costs of Business

Online shopping has made shopping fast and easy. It combines different online retailers that normally require users to log in to their account where all their personal information along with search/purchase history is saved. In comparison, walking in to an actual retail outlet is a more tiring process. Interactive touchscreens are able to deliver a personalized service to new customers every day.

2.     Interactive Touch Screen Enhance Customer Service

Touch screen kiosks are able to execute a large range of tasks related to retail as well as many functions as listed below:

  • Provides thorough information for each product available on the site
  • Can provide services such as the kind of cataloguing needed for ticket orders
  • Make registrations or reservations in advance

In addition to these, it aids customers in the following ways:

  • Skip long queues at checkout counters
  • Perform the easy and necessary tasks themselves
  • All tasks can be easily performed with just a few quick swipes of their fingertips

Interactive touchscreen kiosks allow your business to:

  • Provide a comprehensive and efficient service
  • Enhance customer service quality, which leads to guaranteed satisfaction.

Moreover, the use of interactive whiteboards is encouraged in business, offices, and organization to improve workflow in the following ways:


1)    Increase involvement of other members

An interactive whiteboard allows coworkers to share, access, edit, and save the information discussed directly on the interactive whiteboard. Meeting heads are able to highlight points in real-time as well as making alterations to the topic of discussion, in addition to the feedback of other coworkers.

2)    Enhance communication

You are able to share files amongst meeting members, in addition to sharing the screen with meeting attendees over remote locations. Because of this feature, all attendees possess the same information and all meeting members are on the same pace.

3)    Effectively change documents collectively

In contrast to sharing documents, interactive whiteboard users are able to make amendments persistently and effectively during the interactive session. The interactive whiteboard tools are as follows:

  • 3D modeling
  • Make estimations
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Open video links

These features allow better communication and ensure stronger content in each document. All the Writing is understandable and easily communicated amongst the attendees.

This ensures that all changes made are in the open, so no information is unclear or changed. Even if it is, there will be multiple witnesses to the original information. This makes it impossible for a single person to misunderstand information or change it without everyone’s knowledge. 

4)    Larger range of data being shared via increased interconnectivity with mobile connections

With suitable hardware, users are able to connect the interactive whiteboards with IOS and Android smart devices by downloading a single application. This improves the level of data shared and may make meeting less tiresome, as meeting leaders do not have to take out special time for the meeting, but are able to access the happenings of the room when on the move, or out for other important tasks. It decreases the chance of people missing important meetings. This ensures that on the employee’s return, they have full knowledge of the proceedings and do not waste time in the implementation of whatever was discussed in the meeting.

This is why organizations are implementing the use of interactive touchscreens or interactive whiteboards.