Firstly, in order to connect your Elmo and laptop with the projector, you will need a projector, the Elmo and your laptop and two connecting cables. You do not need to think too much about the wire connections because both the wires are same on both of the ends.

To begin the connecting process, you need to connect your Elmo to a projector that is available in your vicinity. In most cases, educational institutes or organizations have their own projectors, either fixed in certain rooms or unattached and portable to allow flexibility and convenience.

How to Use Elmo with the Laptop/Projector

First, connect the video cables to the projector and insert the other end of the video cable into the cable port that is built into the Elmo. Then, connect the wire to the port that is built into every PC and laptop, and insert the other end.

The next important step is to connect your Elmo to the projector is the insertion of one of the ends of the RGB cable into the Elmo built-in port and the other end of the cable into the port of the computer with which you attach the monitor or video port of the laptop or computer.

The next obvious step is to turn on the Elmo and press a specific button on the Elmo device. This button enables the Elmo to display the item from your Elmo device. This button has a camera on it, this makes it easier to find. When the button is pressed, a signal goes from the computer, via the Elmo device, to the projector.

In the case that you do not wish to display something on the Elmo on the projector, the display can shift from projector to laptop with a single click of a button on the laptop or PC.

If, there is no image displayed, press the Fn button on the keyboard of your laptop or computer keyboard and then immediately after pressing the Fn button, press the F7 button which has the screen button on its corner. By clicking these two buttons, a dialog box will open up. This dialog box will have all the necessary functions displayed to connect your laptop to the projector, through the Elmo device.

Making a Proper Connection

In short, the following steps are required to ensure proper connection between an Elmo device, laptop or personal computer and a projector:

  1. Plug in power cord of the Elmo.

  2. Plug the power cable into the back of the Elmo device.

  3. Insert the other end of the cable into the computer or laptop. Make sure to tighten the screws as to not interrupt the session midway because of a loose connection.

  4. Turn on the projector. When the green light turns on, on the projector, it means the projector is on.

  5. Press the power button on the Elmo device and keep holding the button until a green warm light appears. Ensure that the light next to the camera icon is on; otherwise, click the button with the camera icon separately.

  6. If the blue screen is displayed and not your desired material, press the Source button on the projector, which has a computer icon.

Caution while Connecting a Laptop to Elmo

  1. Make sure wires and cables properly connected with laptop and Elmo.

  2. Turn on Elmo using the power button on the Elmo. Keep pressing the button until the green light turns on.

  3. Turn on Projector. Hold down the button until green light stops flashing and is stable. This means the projector bulb is warm enough to use.