1. How to Use Interactive Touchscreens

    Interactive touch screens are in use by the people from around the world. People consider them as both input and output devices that have layers on an electronic visual display. With the multi touch gesture, users can keep a hold on the information processing system. Interactive touch screens also work with the help of a stylus or pen. Some touchscreens require you to wear coated gloves for proper working.

    Users can view things on a touch screen. They can react to the things displayed on the screen. If there is a software that allows them to control what and how it displays, they can manipulate the displayed information. For example, zooming in and zooming out to change the size of the information. Instead of using a touch pad or a mouse, interactive touchscreens allow you to interact with the screen directly.

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  2. Teacher Appreciation Week: Use of Technology by the Teachers to Promote Better Learning

    People should not take teachers for granted for anything. They are the ones that serve the society by imparting them with knowledge. There should not be one teacher appreciation week or Teacher appreciation day in a year. Instead, the world should celebrate teachers every day. Teacher appreciation day should be about giving all the respect they deserve. Teacher appreciation day is celebrated on May 8 every year to send a note for the educators who are making a difference in our lives. 

    Use of Technology for Better Teaching Practices   

    Many organizations introduce new technologies on this day to make teaching and learning processes easy. The Electro

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