These days Elmo projectors are in use to make our presentations interactive and attractive. The Elmo projector can work with a smart board, computer, or laptop. It provides a different way of teaching and presenting your work. The Elmo projectors are the latest introduction in the field of education. They have gained positive comments from the users i.e. teachers and students.

What is an Elmo projector?

Elmo projector is a camera mounted on a stand and attached to a digital projector. Its system is not very complicated. A nonprofessional can use this device just by following the manual. It allows you to see the projection of objects on the board to allow the class to have a better view of the things. Elmo projectors are widely used in classrooms for teaching purposes. Elmo projectors are used for teaching in classrooms when you want to teach such concepts which can be categorized into groups.

They are a very effective tool for collaborative learning. If students have an assignment to write about a topic, the Elmo projector is best for such activities. It allows students to interact with one and another in a collaborative environment.

Elmo projector is also useful in business meetings. Elmo smart board is commonly in use for teaching university and school students. When connected to a Smart board, Elmo gives flexibility in delivering presentations. It has the ability to project 3D objects, images, and other physical information. The Elmo projector provides a great learning facility for the students and helps them to have a visual image of things they are learning.

Elmo Makes Presentations Better

Elmo projectors allow you to make a use of wireless technology for giving quality presentations. Portable document camera attached to it brings the digital world to your fingertips. You can have a collaborative and interactive live video session with anyone you want to.

There are multiple digital projectors available and USB laptop connections are available. The simple, traditional overhead projector seems to be a preferably good option for classroom lectures and business presentations. When using an Elmo projector, you only need to unfold it. Then you need to plug it in, switch it on. You are ready to show an image, transparency or a paper on the smart board or interactive whiteboard, or even on the wall.

1. Position the Elmo projector on the plain surface; make sure that the outlets close to the base are free.

2. Raise the support attached to its side, to a standing position. Once the column is standing, it will lock automatically. If it does not lock, unlock it. After that, lower the column when you are putting the Elmo away. Pull away the locking jacket as you are pushing the column downwards.

Setting the Elmo Projector

Here is a detailed procedure for setting up the Elmo projector:

1. Switch on the power cord of the Elmo and connect it to the RGB cord of the projector.

2. Project both Elmo and projector into the wall.

3. Switch on the power button of both Elmo and projector. They will give green lights. It is ready to use. You can display objects in the classroom.

4. When you are done with your lecture, you can also store the data for future use.

5. When you have saved the data, give a rotation to Elmo’s head in the downward direction to disconnect it.

6. Unplug the cables.

Whenever you are planning to connect Elmo projector, be very careful. Keep in charge of your cables. Do not spread them on the floor, they can cause tripping and hurt you. Tripping can also damage your device as well.