Now, it´s easier than ever to capture creative lessons and share them later with other students, using the document cameras and built-in microphone to record classroom demonstrations and projects, engaging students like never before, capture and display books, 3D objects and experiments with remarkable clarity. Display content from the iPad or tablet, record lessons for viewing at a later time, and give the students a more interactive learning experience. The Document Cameras achieve amazing images in virtually any setting, even in well-lit rooms. Featuring a large, highly-efficient imaging sensor that captures more light per pixel, these powerful document cameras each deliver bright images with incredible quality and detail. Select models feature an output resolution of 1080p for clarity that will capture the attention of every student. Zoom in on every intricate detail and let students get up close and personal with the subject at hand. The Cameras deliver a unique perspective on any subject with both digital and optical zooming. Bring lessons alive, right before the students´ eyes, without having to pass around a microscope or photograph. Take learning to the next level with engaging multimedia presentations. Integrate the document cameras with other teaching tools via built-in HDMI®, VGA and USB connections (connectivity varies by model). Enhance any learning experience with attention-grabbing content, featuring a compact design that´s ideal for space-constrained classrooms, document cameras are lightweight and easy to transport, with an included carrying case. They also feature a foldable design, so they are easy to store when not in use, and some models include a remote control for easy operation from anywhere in the classroom. The Document Cameras have indeed revolutionized the way presentations are meant to be delivered, the way they engage the audience proves that an investment like this is sure to bring quick and tangible returns that not only have an impact on the audience but boosts one’s confidence as well.