Clary Icon being a forerunner in providing its customers the best of the best brings its flagship product. The <strong>Clary Icon OneScreen Canvas,&nbsp;</strong>a revolutionary new technology to enhance the<strong> interactive experience</strong> ensuring the highest productivity and the best return on cost.<strong> OneScreen Canvas</strong> integrates the best <strong>collaboration technologies</strong> together on open architecture. <strong>OneScreen Canvas</strong> premium technologies include Hitachi StarBoard Software, Logitech keyboards, LG, and Sharp displays. OneScreen Canvas offers the industry’s most progressive whiteboard functionality that remains simple and intuitive for users on a stylus or finger driven touch screen. Bundled with a keyboard, tablet, and Hitachi StarBoard software, there simply isn’t a better value package to find. Available in sizes ranging from 65” to 84” it’s huge area allows for a great viewing and interactive experience. The ability to be able to run on the latest of softwares allows it to be ever ready to be integrated in any environment, therefore the Onescreen Canvas supports the latest windows 10. Included with the package is the Logitech k400 full size wireless touch keyboard with 33 ft. of wireless range, allowing the user to readily integrate the Canvas with the keyboard and make it a computer requiring no other peripherals. Clary Icon believes in pleasing the customers with the utmost comfort when it comes to customer service therefore the Onescreen Canvas comes with a standard 1 year warranty insuring the investment never fails the user, and even if it does Clary Icon would gladly replace or repair any loss of property. The Onescreen is a powerful interactive tool designed to ensure maximum productivity, with state of the art integration of products from across the globe giving its customers unlimited access about how they use the system to their preference.