1. Features & Using the Document Camera

    Business meetings and teaching in classrooms are no more boring practices. They are now entertaining practices with the use of a document camera. A document camera helps to display information on the large screen. You can use them for displaying messages, images, or videos in a business meeting or in classrooms to the students. A document camera provides an opportunity to learn through interactive discussions. These cameras are a handy tool to give a visual based display of the information. Document cameras have zooming features, built in microphones and storing and scanning abilities.

    Features of Document Camera

    Other names for the document camera are words like visualizers, docucams, visual presen

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  2. How to Connect Elmo Software with a Laptop and Projector

    Firstly, in order to connect your Elmo and laptop with the projector, you will need a projector, the Elmo and your laptop and two connecting cables. You do not need to think too much about the wire connections because both the wires are same on both of the ends.

    To begin the connecting process, you need to connect your Elmo to a projector that is available in your vicinity. In most cases, educational institutes or organizations have their own projectors, either fixed in certain rooms or unattached and portable to allow flexibility and convenience.

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  3. The Best Ways Reasons to Use Video Cameras and Document Cameras

    There are a large number of applications for various types of cameras. However, we will be discussing video cameras as well as document cameras

    Document Cameras

    Document cameras are also famous by the name visual presenters, visualizers (in UK), docucams or digital overheads. They are primarily used to display video or images in real-time and require a connection with a laptop or PC in order to be used. This is especially used in order to show a big audience something in real-time, in contrast to something being pre-recorded. The document camera has the ability to project and magnify images of a three-dimensional object, along with transparencies.

    In short, they are extremely high resolution displaying webcams, mounted on “arms” that act as a tripod. This makes it easy to angle the camera in order to show a piece of paper on the table or display a three-dimensional item to the audience.

    In theory, all objects may be on the dis

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