The dynamics of the collaborative communication industry are possibly one of the most complex of all modern industries. There is always so much going on at any given time that there is an overflow of innovativeness all around. Part of this market are some of the very best companies who have been bringing us unimaginable products that have been transforming our work lives drastically, aiding us in building interactive environments where people work together towards solutions. And one of these industrial leaders is BenQ, a firm most known for its inventiveness and credited for various top of the class products. The most popular of its collaborative products in the consumers’ eye are its interactive touchscreens. Featuring a remarkably functional and versatile range of interactive touchscreen displays, BenQ puts up fair competition for others. The RP interactive touchscreen series is possibly the best of BenQ. This extensive touchscreen display series consists of touchscreens of all sizes, interactive features, and hardware capability. All feature stunning HD displays that make interactive work more stimulating for the participants, boosting their productivity and leading to better results. Then there is the amazing multi-user capacity. With the top level touchscreen having 10 point multi-touch and a large 84” display, groups can very conveniently work on the touchscreen simultaneously. This means that collaborators no longer need to take turns at the interactive whiteboard for their input; they can instead complement each other in real time. Besides these features, the RP series is augmented by BenQ’s fantastic software package. One gets a truly enjoyable experience with software like EZWrite and NFCPen. These include handwriting recognition and converting it into editable text, and annotating over media files to emphasize points. The latest innovation to the BenQ product line is the Google Jamboard. This piece of equipment by Google is nothing less than a blessing. Professionals can avail the numerous benefits of this interactive product, like the G Suite experience, conferencing, and cloud support. All in all, BenQ interactive touchscreens have always been of the trendsetters and have been proven to be suitable for virtually every application one can think of.