Audience response is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience response systems, to create interactivity between a presenter and his/her audience. There are many reasons for the use of audience response systems. The tendency to answer based on crowd psychology is reduced because, unlike hand raising, it is difficult to see which selection others are making. The audience response system also allows for faster tabulation of answers for large groups than manual methods. Additionally, many college professors use audience response system to take attendance or grade answers in large lecture halls, which would be highly time-consuming without the system. Audience response enhances any presentation with the ability to instantly find what the participants are thinking. Audience response system shows participants how their opinions compare with their peers in a non-threatening, anonymous format. Turning the testing or training event into a fun, motivational game show with audience response system, the systems quiz games enhance learning by fully engaging audiences and focusing them on the content being tested. Audience response is the perfect tool for gathering and tabulating votes from groups large or small. It saves hours of manual labor in comparison to other traditional methods of voting. Change is inevitable, and feedback from employees and customers is a key factor in developing plans for future change. audience response system provides quick and easy methods to collect opinions and survey results from the employees and customers. Audience response systems can be used to enhance both the trainer’s and trainee’s experience in the class. From the trainer’s perspective, it allows them to instantly assess knowledge level, or opinions, on the topic being discussed for the day. From the trainee’s perspective, it allows them to instantly see, in a non-threatening format, their knowledge level on the subject matter in comparison to their peers. This format will many times give students the confidence to question the instructor on the subject. All in all, the 21st century office or class must have this technology to assure maximum productivity.