With the latest technology introduced every day and with the passage of time, human life has become quite easy and dependent on these technologies. A smart board is one of the technologies used to make our lives easier. A smart board is just like an ordinary white board but powered to a computer. A smart board is a tool for a business and organization. It helps them to make collaborative interactions with the opposite party.

Use of technology like smart board can solve many teaching problems. You can engage a large group of students on a single screen and you can provide them a visually better education. However, the use of technology does not solve all the problems related to teaching. It can only help if you use it properly.

You should know where and how you want to use it. In simple words, a smart board allows you to show images on a big screen and interact with a bigger audience either by writing on it or by moving around. The smart board can connect to your computer and works in connection with a projector. The projector will display anything that is displaying on the PC. Instead of using the keyboard or the mouse, you can use your fingers as it has touch screen technology. You can also use the keyboard if you want to. You can write on a smart board with special smart pens that give you a smooth writing experience.

The new versions of smart boards have multiple touch technology, which allows up to four individuals to touch the board. More individuals can collaborate by touching the board. This is possible because of the multi-touch technology. Two students can easily label a diagram at a time or solve a math problem.

The older versions allowed touch a single person at a time. You may need some additional equipment for smart boards. Like a device to provide internet connectivity to the smart boards. This proves handy for image searches and for using online English dictionaries.

What Can a Smart Board Do Exactly?

  • You can write on a smart board. For that, you will require smart pens provided with the smart board when you purchase it.
  • Once you have used a smart board for writing, you can save that for future use. You can also print it out. You can keep a record of a brainstorming session for your class.
  • Instead of using pens, you can also use the keyboard to type in MS Word. This will display on the large screen for everyone to see.
  • You can also of the view of saved documents.
  • You can use smart boards for running PowerPoint presentations. You can save these presentations for future use.
  • When an internet connection is available and connected to a document camera, the smart board acts a great video conferencing tool for business meetings across the world.
  • If you have the appropriate software, the smart board can help to create resources such as multiple-choice quizzes. Students can simply come to the smart boards, to drop and drag their selected answers.
  • You can also play DVD or CD on the smart board.

Why wait? Get one for your classroom or office today.