It is really an exhausting task to purchase a touch screen for the first time. Usually, the buyers do not have enough information about the device they are going to purchase. They do not know the questions they should ask before buying a touch screen. A buyer of a touch screen gets confused in the same way as a buyer of a house. Therefore, here are some important steps that a buyer should follow before purchasing a touch screen.

Think What You Want

The most important thing is to make a list of your priorities. It includes the selection of features, specifications, and models. You have to decide the space that will be suitable for the touch screen. The numbers of classrooms that are in need of touch screens. What is the dimension of every room? What is the strength of students in every class? Do you want a portable screen or a fixed one? How can you connect them?

Scrutinize the Technology

You can get each detail about the touch screens through the brochures and other advertising materials but it is not equal to seeing things in action. You have to watch the videos as well as try it physically. You can go with your colleagues and students to see the demo of the product. In this way, you can evaluate the product of your choice.

Size of the screen

You have to decide an appropriate size of the touch screen according to the size of the room. You can ask the supplier as well to guide you according to the size of your room. The exact size of the screen is very crucial because the screen has to display a visible and legible content to the students sitting anywhere in the class.

Variation in panels

Apparently, all touch screens are similar but there is a variation in the quality and consistency of the panels. You have to ask about the grade of the panel as well as the failure rate of the panel. You have to go with the panels of the highest grade because they are reliable with lower rates of failure.

Display quality

The display quality of the touch screen depends upon its resolution. The screens with the high resolution can display things in a clear and detailed way. An HD and 1080p would be good for the 65-inch screens and higher. On the other hand, 4k would be perfect for the ones above this.


You must keep in mind that you should have a bi-directional connection. If you attach the screen to a tablet, the content should also be there on the tablets of students along with the big screen. Software DigiClass would be the best for this purpose. Another feature that should be in consideration is Wi-Fi.

Supportive features for teaching

The most incredible tools for connecting one school to the other schools are video conferences and recordings through screens. These tools can connect the teachers and pupils from their homes, schools, and other classrooms. In fact, they can connect from anywhere they want to be connected.

Future of touch screens

Touch screens are durable as compare to the projectors and whiteboards. These touch screens are not only the need of today but will also be a need in future as well. You have to choose the ones with the compatibility of MS Windows and Android. Apps will be an integral part of the digital classrooms in future. That is why Android should be there for better results.

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