We are living in an age of technology where everything is in the process of evolution. Everyone wants the quick results with less effort. It can be possible only with the use of new discoveries in the world of Technology. Technology has made our lives so easy for us whether we are at home, office or school. Gone are the days when a teacher uses the black board and chalk for teaching in the class. Now, Interactive Whiteboards are there in place of black boards. The use of Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom has become essential.

Initially, Interactive whiteboard hit the market in 1991 and became an integral part of k-12 classrooms within few years. It is necessary to build up 21st-century skills among the students. For this purpose, there is a need for a proficient educator in technology and research. This thing increased the use of Interactive Whiteboards for learning. It consists of a dry rub out whiteboard plus an LCD projector. It is placed able on the floor stand or on the wall.

Interactive Whiteboards Software

It has user-friendly software and can become a screen of the computer that all the students of the class can see. The projector makes the content visible from computer to the board and a teacher handles the content with the touch of his hand or a pointer. The teacher does not use a mouse or keyboard for this. The entire activities on the computer can easily copy on the interactive whiteboard.

A teacher can prepare appealing lessons like matching activities where students can match the items with the help of their pen or fingers. They can also include the images, websites, and music in their lesson plans. They can adjust the size and position of the image with the touch of the screen. This tool can change the classroom into an instructional model. A teacher can bring the students on a photo safari with the animal sounds, videos, and mapping software.

Better Mental and Physical Interaction

Latest research tells that students can learn better if they are involved fully that is mentally and physically. They should involve all their senses in learning. Interactive Whiteboards offer a multisensory learning and Teaching. It is the best tool to engage the students in learning.

Interactive Whiteboards are very useful for the audio and video presentations, multimedia lessons, mutual problem solving, displaying student's presentations and projects, practical field trips, recorded lessons, and documentation of student's accomplishments.

These Interactive Whiteboards should be there in every school because of it the need of the hour to equip our schools with the latest technology. Teachers also value this tool due to its impact on the learning and engagement of the students in the class. By the use of Interactive Whiteboards, students can learn new things easily and attentively. An interactive white board also provides an opportunity to create an environment in the class that can stimulate the students to learn from each other in spite of having different learning styles. This latest technology is assisting the students and teachers for developing 21st-century skills.