Interactive whiteboard LCD screens are bringing revolution in the academic world as well as business interactions. It is achieving this by allowing users to effectively communicate and disseminate data among a large group of audience. Interactive touch screens have wide-ranging applications in academia, presentations, conference room collaboration or they may serve as an interactive information desk. Full HD display as provided by LG whiteboards can also enable these to operate as location finders in subways or exhibition halls

The interactive whiteboard LCD screen has an upper hand over previously used projectors because of their multi-tasking capability. These can easily switch from interactive white board activities to the high-definition screening of video content.

What is Special about Interactive Whiteboards
Interactive whiteboards LCD screens constitute such touchscreens that can work either independently for data display or in connection with a laptop, computer, tablet, or projector. Both magnet pen and infrared touch technology are in Interactive whiteboard LCD screens. You can obtain the information easily by navigating the web and acquiring personally suited data with these multi-user Interactive smart boards. When these is a need for the conventional white board, presenters or instructors can easily revert back to the traditional form with the use of dry-erasing and multi-touch features of the Interactive smart boards.

The Smart whiteboards operate as part of a system that constitutes computer alongside a data projector. The PC directs an application image to the projector, which then appears on to the smart board. The Interactive Smart board functions both as the monitor and as an input device. The huge interface of the interactive whiteboards as in 84-inch Ultra Definition LG whiteboard can allow instructors to cater a huge class without any difficulty. The user can control application simply by touching smart whiteboard screen.

Common Types of Interactive Whiteboards

Touch-based interactive whiteboard

A simple pointing device is involved in touch based Interactive whiteboards. The touch point location is first determined and then registered as a mouse event. Such Smart whiteboards are quite focus group easy to handle with no special instrument needed.

Electromagnetic Pen-based Interactive Whiteboard

Electromagnetic pen-based Interactive whiteboard LCD screens consist of an array of wires, implanted at the interior of solid board surface and interact with a coil located in stylus tip to detect the coordinates of the stylus. The stylus is without any power source and alters the electrical signals created by the board. 

Infrared Scan Whiteboard

An infrared interactive whiteboard has a huge interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. Its interaction with infrared light captures the movement of the pointer or finger over the screen of the whiteboard. The LG whiteboard with IR based touchscreen allows precise, rapid, accurate, and smooth touch experience due to this feature.

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