People should not take teachers for granted for anything. They are the ones that serve the society by imparting them with knowledge. There should not be one teacher appreciation week or Teacher appreciation day in a year. Instead, the world should celebrate teachers every day. Teacher appreciation day should be about giving all the respect they deserve. Teacher appreciation day is celebrated on May 8 every year to send a note for the educators who are making a difference in our lives. 

Use of Technology for Better Teaching Practices   

Many organizations introduce new technologies on this day to make teaching and learning processes easy. The Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse is an example of such companies. It introduced the smart boards for classrooms as the latest invention for better teaching practices.

Use of smart boards for classroom

Smart boards for classrooms are an effective tool for learning and teaching, since 1991. Smart boards for the class are smart in a sense that they improve your way of teaching and presenting your work content to the students. It helps educators to save and print notes.

Apart from its use in business meetings, Elmo smart board is widely used to teach students. It has an interactive touchscreen display and portable document camera attached to it, which allows students to have a better visual view of the learning material. Elmo smart board provides a great learning facility for the students and helps them to have a clear visual image of things that they are learning. This improves their learning skills.

How Teachers Use Their Interactive Whiteboards?

If you have already tried your hands on smart board, it becomes difficult to switch from Smart boards to the electronic whiteboard. Drawing and writing are the way of learning for the students. This helps improve their personal ability to learn things in a better way, to show more creativity and to look for the better solutions to problems. Electronic whiteboards are different from ordinary writing boards in a way that they are more innovative.

The use of electronic whiteboards can be very beneficial for students and. Students can study in a group using the electronic whiteboards. It can help students to explore new ideas related to subject work, which can help them to grow as an individual.

Teachers can also use electronic whiteboards to give training lectures to the trainee students. They will give me a completely new process of learning through interactive sessions. The electronic whiteboard has the ability to connect to the internet. With the web camera feature, students can enjoy video conferencing with the students in other room or with the students from other countries.

Use of Touchscreen Display by the Teachers

An Interactive touchscreen display has two unique traits. First, it allows teachers to interact directly with any information displayed on the screen. Secondly, it allows the teachers to interact directly with any information, without the use of any intermediate device. Interactive touchscreen displays can attach to computers or to networks. Teachers can have a more interactive teaching session with their students by the use of interactive touchscreen display