Interactive touch screen devices have taken the market by storm. They are used almost everywhere for different purposes. They are useful for business related activities, in schools and universities for teaching students, for giving presentations, in hospitals, in airports for displaying schedule of flights, in super markets for billing system etc. Interactive touch screens have this ability to change an ordinary thing into an interactive one. Starboard interactive touch screen display is one of the interactive device used widely.

Noteworthy Features of Starboard Interactive Touch Screen Display

Starboard interactive touch screen display can connect to your laptop or computer. It is an ideal device for brainstorming, organizing and communicating ideas to multiple numbers of people. This interactive device is best suited for training rooms, business meetings, broadcasting studios, classrooms, and airports. This device has powerful touch control for smooth working. It allows smooth slide, drag, and click options. Starboard interactive touch screen display amazing collaborating features and functions that help students and teachers to think, create ideas, and develop new teaching and learning techniques, and organizing things. The teachers and other presenters use the starboard interactive touch screen display to deliver a clear message to their audience.

Starboard interactive touch screen display have a delicate design, yet they prove to be a tough device. It has a large touch screen display that allows multiple users to use it at the same time. Keyboards have become obsolete because of these touch screen devices.


StarBoard TE-SN65 and TE-SN70 are one of the leading interactive communication platforms in the digital market. They have diverse functionality and unparalleled qualities that put them well above their all competitors. Starboard interactive touch screen display is a high-class collaborative and interactive communication product, designed for educational institutions and business offices.

Starboard interactive touch screen display has following unique features:

  • Display: They have large 65-inch or 70-inch screen display. It boasts exemplary display abilities. It has HD resolution that ensures that the users experience a lively and vivid display of things. It does not allow you to miss the smallest details of the things. It gives clear pixels even after the zooming the image. It keeps the audience glued to the screen.
  • Interactive touch screen: Starboard interactive touch screen display comes with multiple user-friendly features. The touch screen has the Infrared technology for sensing. It sometimes has 10 or 20 interacting points. If a user is swiping along the screen, the other user can easily interact with the touch display by his digital pen or fingers. It has a smooth touch display.
  • Software: It has an interactive software package that has various interactive tools that assist the users for interactive and collaborative presentations. These interactive tools are very helpful for the professionals.
  • Compatibility and connectivity: The design of the starboard interactive touch screen display is in such a way that that makes collaboration easy for the users. What makes it unique is its ability to connect all kinds of operating system such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Android operating systems. This allows it to establish a quick setup in any working environment.
  • Sleek body: The starboard interactive touch screen display has a sleek body appearance.

Starboard interactive touch screen display has multiple tool options that make work simpler and interactive. This device is best for professionals and for teaching in classrooms.